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There are drums beating in the distance, and they can only mean one thing: mobilee’s 50th release! Appropriately for the occasion, the Berlin label has whipped up something extra special, in the form of a collaboration between label mastermind Anja Schneider and minimal-house don Lee Van Dowski. As mobilee’s founder and creative overseer, Anja Schneider needs no introduction, of course; Lee Van Dowski, for the uninitiated, is a major talent renowned for his unorthodox rhythms and distinctive textures, with releases for his own imprint Num Records and many others. The result is far more than the sum of its parts: two sides of straight-for-the-gut grooves that succinctly sum up what mobilee is all about: getting down and getting dirty-in style. “Deseo” begins deceptively, creeping in with an understated kick drum, demure percussive flourishes and a slow crescendo of chords, while scraps of sampled vocals lend a warming touch. But don’t touch the volume dial just yet, because things are about to get heavy. With the gentlest touch, Anja and Lee open the filters and ease into the bass register, and before you know it, you’re in deep. “Deseo” is Spanish for desire, and the track lives up to its title, burning hotter with every bar. Sensual and hypnotic, the groove builds tension with the spine-tingling surety of a fingertip tracing the nape of your neck. And when the release finally comes, it lights you up like a house on fire, with the wordless vocal refrain answered by soulful exclamations and outbursts, all chopped up and made deliciously strange. A little bit tribal and unabashedly deep, this isn’t diva house, it’s vida house-the kind of track that makes you feel alive, awake and alight with energy. “La Roulette” plots a different course, opening with underwater warble and sonar pings that hark back to the classic minimal techno of mobilee’s very earliest releases. Again, there are surprises in store: first in the form of skuzzy, syncopated chords that push your

MOBILEE050 in the media

2000 and one (Intacto): “techno chords:))) i will play the a side”

2000 And One:: “congrats!!!:))) i like deseo vey much, full on by me!!! ”

Anthony Collins: “loving deseo. thanks so much !!!”

Brothers Vibe (Mixx Rec): “Both trax work well, though "Deseo" will find it's way in my sets more often than "La Roulette". All and all - KILLER release! Tks 4 the muzik :)”

Fe=derico Molinari (Oslo): “nice tracks.”

Joel Mull/Stockholm: “Congrats to the 50th release!! Damn it goes fast.. Super duper great fantastisch!! Playing both tracks!! ”

Josh Wink:: “Played the Deseo track at the beatport party with good response.. Thanks-”

Kiki: “Schon bekommen, schon gespielt, schon gechartet und schon auf electronic beats radio mix genommen!”

Len Faki:: “la roulette is nuts - will play this for sure!”

Mark Antona: “"Deseo" will be my summer track ;)”

Nic Fanciulli:: “Love this!!!! Deseo Rocks!!!”

Nick Curly (Cecille): “good release..will play it!”

Shinedoe (Intacto): “Deseo, support!”

Shinedoe:: “Nice release, I will play out Deseo.”

Woody: “ in my case!peace out! ”

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