Santiago Salazar

“Arcade, Stefan Goldmann Rmx”

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LabelMacroCat. No.MACROM11
FormatEXCL12"COrders fromThu, 26 Mar 2009
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Santiago Salazar, ladies and gentlemen! Member of Underground Resistance, producer of Los Hermanos, recording artist for Planet E. A biography made in heaven. Macro pulls the most incredible people these days and there’s a method to the madness: “Arcade” immediately shows why Santiago is known to be one of Detroit’s most forward thinking producers and DJs. The chords! The hook! The synths! The drums! Finally an anthem that’s 0% retro and 100% euphoria. Leaving the recent fashions behind, “Arcade” spreads all the warmth and enthusiasm one could dream of this year. This is 2009! And if this wasn’t enough: Hot on the heels of “Art Of Sorrow", man of the moment Stefan Goldmann does his first remix for Macro! His stunning version is a 15 minute monster. Not just a jam, but a fully composed journey from deep reverberation to drum machine fueled peaks to a japanese flute and koto workout. Depth on a new level. This is the difference this label makes - others do ambient, cosmic or krautrock. Macro does the thrilling stuff.

MACROM11 in the media

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Agoria (InFine):: “J’adoooooore ! I love the remix of Stefan. Loving all the last stuff of Stefan.”

Alex Attias (Planet E):: “This is superb and of course original, different and unique! I like all your releases and I will support this one on radio and clubs. ”

Alex Dallas (Drumpoet Communit: “ Loving the tracks. The Goldmann mix stands out for me!”

AME (Innervisions): “tolle platte und der remix von stefan ist grandios.”

Ame (Innervisions):: “Stefan’s remix for Santiago Salazar is a blast! ”

Ben Watt (Buzzin Fly): “Playing Stefan's remix on the radio and in the club!”

Cio d’Or (Harry Klein):: “The original: An absolutely fat kick is rolling under a not less bright melody for big rooms & beaches with an Asian flavour. A floorkiller for sure! The remix: Wow. What a start into the track! Very cool rhythms & then this hymn for summers as a big surprise. Summerhit! Loving this label! ”

Dan Curtin (Metrics): “This is a very original and interesting release, really liking both mixes...”

Erik Rug (Rex Club):: “I dig the Stefan Goldmann remix! I like that atmospheric/japanese koto vibe. Very good !”

Falko Brocksieper (Sub Static): “Another outstanding release on Macro. Both versions of "Arcade" are very unique and still catchy!”

Groove: “Weiß echt nicht genau, wie ich das zuordnen soll. Wie anders als "mächtig" kann man Salazars dreckig wuchernde Shoegaze-Synthie-Sternenzerstörer-Flächen nennen, in deren Schatten psychedelische Gitarrensoli geschmettert werden, unter denen Heerscharen von Ravern einfach zu Staub zerfallen müssen? Stefan Goldmann macht daraus dann einen auf mehreren Bewußtseinsebenen rasselnden Desert-House-Track, der sich bis auf 14 Minuten raufhalluziniert und die perfekte Vertonung für Castanedas gesammelte Werke abgeben würde. Dieser orchestrale Ethno-Overkill dann aber am Ende? Irgendwo auf dem schmalen Grat zwischen Wahnsinn und Erleuchtung. TEM.”

Göran Dahlström (Djungeltrumma: “Amazing release! Really into both sides, the SG remix is the one for my set though. Great build up, great sound, great flutes! ”

Harri (Subclub): “Quality, really like both mixes, look forward to playing them out.”

James Holden (Border Community: “Awesome!”

Jimpster (Freerange): “Good lord! Stefan's mix is incredible! A work of art this one. I love it.”

Jon Marsh (The Beloved): “I really like this. Although the SG remix is cool and creative I prefer the original -not overly complex but subtly shifting at all times, very cool... ”

Kid Dub (Definitive): “The Stefan Goldmann remix is crazy!!! I love it!”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “The Original is very strong !!! And the remix - I love it ”

Len Faki (Berghain):: “Really beautiful hypnotic release. Will definitely play the original!”

Manuel Tur (Freerange):: “Really like the original a lot, wonderfully rough track! ”

Martyn (3024 / Applepips):: “Loving the original Arcade!!! Will definitely play. ”

Michael Reinboth (Compost): “Nice nice tunes, like them both, full support.”

Motor City Drum Ensemble (Four: “Absoluter Killer! Bin ein riesiger Fan davon.”

Nico de Ceglia (BBC Radio 1):: “Excellent release, straight to no.1 in my chart and I'll play it for sure!”

Paul Woolford (2020 Vision): “Stefan's version is an absolute bomb - I'll be using this a lot in the later hours. Superb!”

Philip Marshall (Rebel In Cont: “I'm really liking Stefan's mix, especially that special moment at 5 mins where all reveals itself. The melodies, especially the eastern-sounding flute are very unexpected and very beautiful. Actually, the end of Stefan's mix is utterly bewitching. It's why I love what he's doing, it's opening dance up to so much more than its own hermetic world. ”

philip sherburne: “woot! woot! effing fantastic. the interplay between the soloing guitar and the fat, buzzy chords is beautiful -- too few tracks these days really bother to integrate the hook with the rest of the structure, but salazar does. goldmann's remix is also wonderful. ”

Prins Thomas (Full Pupp): “Amazing remix from Stefan!”

Quarion (Drumpoet Community/Re: “"Mindblowing release! The original is already a monster but Stefan Goldmann manages to take the track to another level, giving a whole new meaning to "Orchestral House" in the process. One of the most uncompromising (yet groovy as hell) dance tracks of 2009! ”

Random Circuits:: “This EP is excellent, a real breath of fresh air, Stefan does the business again!”

Ripperton (Lazy Fat People): “I really adore the original! The SG treatment is definitively out of space! Fantastic again. ”

Ruede Hagelstein (Souvenir): “I love your Macro music thing!”

Sebo K (Mobilee): “Good stuff! Stefan’s Version is my favourite.”

Sian (Poker Flat):: “Another truly unique piece of modern music. Very nice remix also! ”

Terre Thaemlitz (Comatonse):: “ Wow, Stefan's remix is very nice! This track I can definitely work in... and I will! It's got that kind of "jackin" sound... ”

Tiefschwarz (Souvenir):: “Wow, Stefan’s remix is amazing! ”

Tokyo Black Star (Innervisions: “This is absolutely AMAZING! It has real depth and soul. The oriental vibe takes me to the top. I love this! This is very fresh. Full support from Tokyo to NYC. ”

Toshiya Kawasaki (Mule Musiq): “Both versions are really nice! ”

Velanche (XLR8R):: “The original is a fantastic track. I really enjoyed the richness of it, the darkness of it. Stefan Goldmann's take is a solid and epic take on the original. ”

X-Press 2 (Skint): “We're playing Stefan's remix! ”

Yannick Elverfeld (Needs): “I’m impressed. So brilliantly different, so beautiful!”

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