Miguel Toro

“El Device”

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Cadenza welcomes yet another new member into the fold with its 35th release. Hailing from Caracas, Venezuela, Berlin’s Miguel Toro brings an indisputably Latin touch to his productions, which of course fits perfectly with Cadenza’s aesthetic. In fact, Toro is no mere button-pusher, but a talented percussionist in his own right-throughout 2007, he even served as the accompanist for Samim’s rollicking live sets. But there’s far more than shakers and congas to set Toro’s work apart. Mutating the title of the Velvet Underground classic, “Sissteray” charges ahead with a pumping, rock-steady beat, with plenty of rolling hand percussion to supply the rhythmic nuance. The most notable hook are a pair of repeated vocal samples that hover just on the edge of intelligibility. The effect is like fusing the DNA of decades-old pop into the finely-tuned body of a contemporary drum track-resulting in a powerful “earworm” that glints and ripples like a lean, muscular snake. There’s a curious vintage feel to the track, from its jacking, no-nonsense rhythm to subtle touches of reverb that creak and hiss like a kicked amplifier. “Quassi” is slightly more laid back, but it still stomps like a herd of elephants heading for the watering hole. Toro’s percussive sensibilities are more on display here, with keenly syncopated woodblocks and metallic shakers galore; loose percussion gives the cut its essential “human” feel, with weird, polyrhythmic lines shaping an arc that never settles into four-bar predictability. The samples are nothing short of otherworldly, with garbled voices and gritty rumblings bubbling up from the background, while jewel-toned keyboards veer from a housey chug towards more fanciful lines of flight suggesting all-out space jazz. Despite the wealth of ideas, though, Toro always keeps it simple: every sound works in service of the all-important groove.

CADENZA35 in the media

Adam Beyer: “the label with the most beautiful artworks! good release like always but a bit on the housy side for me. Sissterray is my fave. ”

Anthony Collins: “wicked ep !!! love it ”

Brothers Vibe: “The Quassi" track kicks ass for me! Nice one...cool groove for sure!" ”

Dan Drastic: “nice work miguel!!! ”

Daniel Dreier: “sissteray has a cool groove! nice, will play! thanks! ”

Danton Eeprom: “Nice groove and energy thoughout, will play. ”

Dave Ellesmere: “super phat tracks with a smooth funky groove ...support from me ! ”

Davide Squillace: “thumbs up for Cadenza,always quality stuff! ”


Italoboyz: “hey, me gusta mucho! ale' miguel!!! ”

Ivan Smagghe: “solid club release... ”

Kabale Und Liebe: “"good vibes! this will get all the ladies dancing. love the vibe of the a side and the freakynes of the b side. full support" ”

lerosa: “Nice and functional party techhouse cuts, I like the latin meets old school rave vibe off Sissterray and the more experimemtal edge in Quassi, nice EP. ”

Nick Curly (Cecille): “like this release, will play it for sure”

Osunlade: “pretty nice beats, like the quassi alot! ”

Pascal Feos: “quassi is the one!! ”

philip sherburne: “nice B-side with lots of skip in its step and lighthearted funk.... ”

Robert Dietz: “wicked new cadenza. will drop for sure... ”

Robert Dietz: “klasse platte wird auf jedenfall gespielt. ”

Sascha Dive (Deep Vibes): “nice!”

Sebo K: “nice one! quassi is the one for me! ”

Seth Troxler: “quassi is the one for me. thanks ”

Stacey Pullen: “love it will support ”

Technasia: “like the b ”

Todd Bodine: “"Nice EP. Sissteray is the one for me. I will play it. " ”

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