Mike Shannnon

“Re-nag Ep”

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Wagon Repair are excited to announce the latest EP from Berlin based Canadian Mike Shannon. The Re-Nag EP, his third Wagon Repair release and first production of 2009, is the latest in a long line of releases from the head of Cynosure Records, with his work having previously graced imprints from ~Scape and Num to Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8 Records. Opener ‘Darkstar 3000′ is a futurist techno stomp. Engined by poked melodic tones and a prominent metallic hat, dissonant stealth melodies manoeuvre around percussion and punched bass. Biding time to prolong suspense, both bass and key melodic journeys coordinate to climax in a tightly executed sensory assault. ‘Sweets (TLA Mix)’ opens energetically with static percussive tones circling around a pummeling kick. A rapturous vocal takes lead, effervescing within a wind tunnel of wobbly bass melodies and dizzy pads to close. ‘Sweets (Acapella)’ is an abstract entity, with it’s sole vocal discernibly haunting in the absence of beats and structure. Full of texture and space, this is one for the producers that will surely not go to waste.

WAG049 in the media

Berlin Mitte Institut: “Very nerdy record, really liking it!”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “brett!!! dark rollend cool. tolle platte von mike. full support.”

Mathias Kaden (Freude am Tanze: “mike has always the special drive that i like to play!!!”

Onur Özer: “My favorite is the short acapella ! It gives such a strong atmosphere ! ”

Ri=chard Carnes Resident Advis: “Oof. That's quite a heavy first drop on "Darkstar 3000" that will be sure to take dancefloors off guard and send them crazy. I'm less keen on the B-side, but the acapella is definitely a useful tool for building atmosphere.”

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