Mano Le Tough

“Warhorn Ep”

INT008 scanZoom inLabelInternasjonal
Cat. No.INT008
Orders fromThu, 30 Apr 2009
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The idea behind the label is to put out good music and not limiting ourselves to stick with a specific genre, instead opting to stay fresh and individual with each release going in every direction we feel. We’re gonna be highlighting new talent, re-releasing some lesser known nuggets and certainly give you some dancefloor killers along the way to. all packaged with brilliant artwork by our own in house designer Bob. check him here > From japanese techno to California kraut : ) just the way we like it… Wooo hoooo! Killer alert!!!! Mano Le Tough sent me this track already 2 years ago so I can testify that this track has been roadtested and indeed passed the test. A simple,dark and effective melodic techno track with quite an anthemic feel to it if I may say it myself… after a bit of fiddling around trying to come up with the right person to remix it Mano came up with Halve a sun which now graces the b-side even more gracefully than any remix money could buy. As you can probably guess I’m bored to death writing these infosheets…don’t let that fool you, this one’s a killer Honk honk, Thomas(Oslo, 12th of march 2009)

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