Kenny Larkin & Shlomi Aber

“Sketches Ep Shlomi Aber Version” | “Kenny Larkin Version”

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If we ever called it a classic…this is what we meant . After releasing one of the best artist album of the last years on Carl Craig’s Planet E label, Kenny Larkin joins now forces with one of the most influential artists of the recent times Shlomi Aber, and his acclaimed label Be As One Imprint. Shlomi Aber and legendary Detroit pioneer Kenny Larkin are two artists that needs no introduction to the Techno crowds. While the first one is recognized as one of the most forward thinking artists of the recent years, the other one is responsible for releasing some of the finest pieces of electronic music ever produced. Sketches EP comes with 2 different versions of the same track, both having old school vibes reminiscent of the days when house and techno went hands in hands. Kenny’s version is a superbly produced slice of techno, with an amazing drums progression in a typical Larkin style sustaining a hypnotic lead pattern, all conjuring together to take the dancefloor into a 10 minutes long, deep and mind tripping tour. Label boss Shlomi Aber, takes a different approach by putting out a tougher version, a loopy phat bassline and a jazzy rhythm with snare hits makes this tune a funkier techno shuffle A pure classic to come, already supported by basically everyone, from the Detroit old school guys to the recent house and techno leaders.

BAO018 in the media

2000 and one (Intacto): “Killer EP!!! Was playin this last weekend and went off in both in Glasgow and Leeds.”

Brothers Vibe (Mixx Rec): “Killer swing! Both mixes tight here, but favoring Shlomi version at the moment :)”

Giles Smith (secretsundaze): “This is pretty massive. The original version is the bomb and although i'm not a huge fan of the squeeky, synthy modern sound the rest of the track particularly the heavy jazz drums carry the track. Sure its gonna be big. Kenny's mix, which takes more risks is also very interesting with its complex rhythm and very late kick. Definitely one for the more bold DJs. ”

Jamie Jones (Crosstown Rebels,: “Liking the a side here, dancefloor fun. cheers”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “shlomis interpretation find ich nen ticken besser als kenny larkin, aber beides super.”

Stefan Goldmann (Macro): “Playing the A side. Cool groove!”

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