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The Italian club scene has always embraced the minimal sound with unparalleled levels of hedonism however it was the wave of young Italian producers who arrived in 2005 that really put the country back on the music map, breathing new life into the genre and creating a whole new sub-plot in the process. Fabrizio was part of that crowd and his debut on Minus OK, Switch On at the beginning of 2008 perfectly captured the raw energy and attitude emanating from Southern Europe. His second outing somehow raises the stakes even further with a cracking collection of four new tunes, plus the added bonus of a slick remix from JPLS. Fabrizio certainly has an ear for the dramatic along with a distinctive approach to mapping clean and precise percussive efx over the course of his tracks. Both vinyl cuts really highlight this aspect of his production with the panoramic Daddy Diego in particular playing out across a vast open canvas that flickers between light and shadow. Cavernous vocal sighs rise sporadically from the depths; while the metallic melody and slow phasing laser tone offer an effective foil to the low-end bass drive. The track cleverly switches between the cool rush of euphoria, warm jets of white noise and darker stripped down sections that signal something wicked this way comes. The distorted vocal cut-up style Fabrizio utilised so effectively on M60ís My Imaginary Friend and Before The Wind again takes centre stage on Mars Needs Bitches. Once the looping bass groove slides through the creaking trap door, all manner of heavily treated robotic voices and sci-fi efx burst forth, punctuating the sparse groove with short bursts of colour. An arsenal of quick-fire percussion sequences are also on hand, spralling up over the rock solid beats to ensure the crowd never stops moving. The deep pulsing intro of I Donít Mind is executed with control and poise as it rolls out over the dancefloor with the kind of perfectly positioned sample and percussion fills thatíll make mixin

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