Peter Kruder

“Chordal / Law Of Return”

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LabelMacroCat. No.MACROM12
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LICENSED TO DIXON´S NEW MIX CD AND INCLUDED ON RADIO SLAVE´S FABRIC MIX CD!!! Peter Kruder is one of those emblematic names that lead a whole decade and inspire myriads of DJs, producers and clubbers all over the world. While he enjoys unprecedented success with Kruder & Dorfmeister and crossed into the platinum range (selling 1 million copies of the K&D Sessions album), he never lost track of the underground. Probably his stellar career would never have happened exactly this way if there wasn’t the other Kruder: the adventurous DJ, the deep producer, the challenging A&R at G-Stone, the producer behind DJ Hell’s highly acclaimed “Teufelswerk” album. In 15 years Peter Kruder has done only 3 singles under his own name though. When you get your ears around “Chordal” and “Law Of Return” it becomes totally clear why this rare outing happens on Macro. Kruder meets his Macro debut full on modernism - showcasing his deep, dark, dancefloor grounded side. With a crisp harmonic sequence reminiscent of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite, “Chordal” hijacks brains on the dancefloor with its vacuum depth and sizzling details. “Law Of Return” on the other side is a Kruder signature take on deepness - solemn chords wrapped around a hypnotic groove give you tears of joy. A masterpiece!

MACROM12 in the media

videolink!: “

A Made Up Sound / 2562 (Tecton: “Liking the b-side!”

Audio Soul Project (NRK): “Chordal is the kind of song you have to allow to bloom. On first listen I didn't quite take it all in, but after the second and third times I'm in love! Can't wait to hear it loud! Full support.”

Benna (Harry Klein): “Sehr sehr schöne EP! I LOVE MACRO RECORDINGS!!! ”

Bill Brewster (iDJ): “Law Of Return is the best house track in ages!”

C-Rock (Cocoon): “Chordal ist es hier für mich. Schöner Ping Pong-Vibe mit klassischen Anleihen. Fast schon fugenartig! ”

Christian Prommer (Compost): “Charting Law Of Return!”

Cio D´Or (Karmarouge): “The B-side is like a journey through an unknown country...far far away. Very nice music. Thank you, Peter Kruder!”

Dave DK (Moodmusic): “My fave here this time is “Law Of Return”, nice atmosphere evolving over the time, great weird vocal work”

Dirt Crew (DC Recordings): “Super nice deep tracks!”

Dixon (Innervisions): “Great track! Would like to have the b-side for my mix cd.”

Eurokai (Liebe*Detail): “I really like both tracks. Looking forward to get them on vinyl !!”

Fabrice Lig (F-Com): “Love the Chordal Track! Really great track!”

Fantastikoi Hxoi Blog: “The Kruder tracks are great, I love "Law Of Return". Mystical, well crafted and meaningful.”

Göran Dahlström (Djungeltrumma: “Really into “The Law of Return”. Sunrise/set-anthem!”

Harri (Sub Club): “Both wicked :-) Looking forward to hear them in club”

iDJ Magazine (UK): “Chordal / Law Of Return No.2 House Summer chart 2009”

James Holden (Border Community: “I really like the B side! Actually I like both sides really.. ”

John Tejada (Palette): “Chordal is really interesting and really refreshing. I think it's a great song and I'll play it for sure. “Law of Return” is also very nice. A very original blend of elements that works really well together. I wish there was a whole album of these. This is one of the coolest things I've heard in a while.”

Jon Marsh (The Beloved): “I really like “Chordal” - excellent subtle build executed with real panache.... way cool!”

Jorge Socarras (Indoor Life /: “I'm a longtime K&D fan, but I wouldn't have guessed whose track “Chordal” was. First off, it's gorgeous. But where K&D are dark, thickly atmospheric and laid back, this is bright, minimalist and energetic - the Nutcracker analogy resonates (literally) - and yet it does have a dark beating house heart that beckons passionate abandonment. That is to say it is in no way cold, or purely cerebral - an impressive balancing feat. “Chordal” also has a seminal quality, the sense that, in this case, dance music has just taken another evolutionary leap - not unlike first hearing “Trans-Europe Express”. As for “Law of Return”, I am highly critical, and don't like much, but this is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. I use "gorgeous" because the term suits its pristine yet rich aesthetic. Here again is a remarkable balance in that the depth that makes house music so soulful is not eschewed in the name of minimalism, but laid bare with precise purity. It's as "brainful" as it is soulful. Robots with swivel hips. Music to dance to as much as about the idea of dancing. In short, I love it.”

Kiko Navarro (Pacha): “I like both tracks, especially “Chordal”, not an usual track, there is something special there. I really want to listen to it loud at the club!”

Manuel Tur (Drumpoet Community: “Law Of Return is super good!! Wicked, as the Brits say!”

Marco Resmann (Upon You/Mobile: “Law Of Return is the one for me.”

Nadine Kreuzahler (Radio Fritz: “Both tracks on the show!”

Nico de Ceglia (BBC Radio 1): “ Another hot one on Macro. I'm surely going to play it. Nice stuff. ”

Oxia (Kompakt): “Both tracks are great, but my favourite is “Law Of Return”, really beautiful track! I’ll play it. ”

Paul Frick (Karaoke Kalk): “The B side is huge! Dude... Peter Kruder better than ever!”

Paul Woolford (20:20 Vision): “I love the release. Especially the brooding chord stabs in "Law Of Return".”

Radioslave (Rekids): “Both sound very cool....and I'm sure "Law of Return" is gonna sound amazing in the clubs....Gonna play tonight!!!”

Ripperton (Lazy Fat People): “Super-moody-tasty EP! Mr. Kruder in wonderland. Totally in! Please never stop to continue to be so original.”

Roual Galloway (Faith / Timbre: “The spooky sounds of Peter Kruder - I'll support “Chordal”!”

Santiago Salazar (Macro): “Both tracks are dope. Really loving the sounds on "Law Of Return". A stand-out EP from the Macro Label!”

Sebo K (Mobilee): “Die B-Seite ist der Wahnsinn! Ganz gross!”

Sian (Aus / Pokerflat): “Really interesting stuff, quite magical sounding…”

Tokyo Black Star (Innervisions: “This is lovely! Such an elegant classical vibe. Beautiful! ”

Toshiya Kawasaki (Mule Musiq): “I'm a big fan of Peter Kruder. Congratulations to the release!!”

Velanche (XLR8R): “Really, really nice one. Peter Kruder can really get things going. I'm very partial to "Law of Return;" really dig the rough, dubby, midtempo and melodic feel of this dark but sensual track. Can build for days and still take me to dreamland. Looking forward to playing it on this week's show.”

X-Press 2: “Playing Law Of Return!”

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