“Music Components”

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Debut solo album of the man who co-founded Parisian dance floor terrorists Blackstrobe “Only live is real” - Arnaud Rebotini. Finally, it’s his debut solo album. As benefits the man who co-founded Parisian dancefloor terrorists Blackstrobe with the express intention of “creating electronic music that scares people,” Arnaud Rebotini’s new album Music Components is a huge “screw you!” to the parlous state of electronic music today. It’s both an instinctual and a highly formal approach. And the same applies to the final album - it’s noisy, human, both aggressive and reflective. As Rebotini says, “I wanted to use instruments which have a history, a life. I wanted to rediscover the pleasure of playing without laptops, without external sequencers.” And so he bunkered down in his studio to spend five days building the set for his amazing live show, and jamming out an album in the process. That session had only three rules: only analogue instruments like the legendary SH101, TR808 or the Korg Mono/Poly were allowed, every note had to be generated live, and the only use of laptops was as an expensive tape deck to record the results - which were then mastered by Moritz V Oswald, half of seminal techno acts and sound designers Mauritzo and Basic Channel. As Rebotini says, with this process, “I rediscovered the pleasure in playing - the possibilities of analogue instruments: their sounds, their unique groove". The old analogue instruments have personality and it makes the character of every song, from the swung funk of opener The Spirit of Boogie, the mental breakdown of Un Cheval D’Orgueil, the distortion of Decade, the hypnotic drive of 777 and the emotion of the closer Mnll, alongside five more tracks from walls of sound to ecstatic wigouts. This isn’t Rebotini’s first foray into the more human or arty end of electronics. He was one of the early artists on Output Records. He works for the GRM, a French state institution devoted to contemporary experimental

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