Gavin Herlihy

“26 Miles”

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When Cadenza invited Gavin Herlihy to come on board, he showed up on the label’s Swiss doorstep with suitcases absolutely bursting at the seams—spilling over with rubbery bass lines, silvery percussion, and strange samples with a faded, postcard patina. (Also, two of the most evocative titles in recent memory.) Wherever the Irish-born, Berlin-based producer has been on his travels, it was clearly one hell of a journey. From the sound of “Underneath the Wind Machine,” he must have made at least one stop on the Italian Riviera: the song’s climax features a slow swell of mandolins that evoke the hot breeze ruffling dog-eared pages at a seaside café. But this isn’t musical tourism. Herlihy takes his sweet time building things up, with dry electronic percussion shuddering in place beneath subtle synthesizer gusts; it’s more than three minutes before the sound of a lone, plucked arpeggio can first be faintly heard, and then another, rising with a hummingbird’s motion. The remainder of the track all but sweeps you off your feet, between the fantastical melody and a driving, housey groove. “Train Dodging,” true to its title, is all about hijinks on a hairpin curve. Whereas Herlihy’s productions can often be deeply melodic, this one pours all of its energy into a bounding, propulsive groove. Hi-hats, woodblocks, bells and bass trade syncopations, tumbling over one another in a breathless game of percussive leapfrog; fat, battered 909 snares push it all forward with martial riffing. The suggestion of a melody flashes by in scraps of sampled horns and voices, like blurred forms glimpsed from the passenger window as the train goes hurtling down the rails. It’s a white-knuckled ride with a wide-eyed grin.

CADENZA37 in the media

2000 And One: “very good release by gavin, top quality!!!”

2000 and one (Intacto): “Gavin's best record so far, sounds promising for the future. Gavin creates this nice latin vibe with the gitar riff:)”

Adultnapper: “Train Dodging is excellent. Really tight groove. Will do some damage for sure. Thanks ”

Anthony Collins: “gavin is on spot with the release well done”

Bloody Mary: “great Ep, play it !”

Boris Werner: “some freaky shit by mr herlihy!!! Like both tracks, wobbly beats and nice athmosphere, we play foo shoo!!! ”

Brett Johnson: “I like the playfulness at the start of "Underneath...", where it goes afterwards is cool but I was feeling the intro the most! Bredit on its way.... :) Train Dodging is cool, will play.... I like the "Oh Shelia" sounding stab in there. Nice release ya'll.... ”

Brothers Vibe: “"Train Dodging" is killer! Full support - Tks 4 the muzik :)”

Chris Carrier: “love the train Dodging groove”

D'julz: “nice , will play”

Daniel Stefanik: “b-side is a bomb!”

Dave Ellesmere: “wicked tracks again from gavin !!!!”

Davide Squillace: “great release!”

DJ Anthea (Phonica): “cool cadenza release..”

DJ W!LD: “Underneath the Wind Manchine is cool”

Franck Roger: “i like underneath.. really balearic vibe for this summer hits! will play it ! ”

Hot Chip: “Two really great tracks, will definitely be playing them out”

Italoboyz: “very mysterious...and very nice”

Jimpster: “Underneath The Windmachine is incredible! as good as the title even. full marks from me. ”

John Tejada: “quite a cool journey musically. underneath the wind machine is very interesting. thanks. ”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “huch. das iss ja mal etwas anderes auf cadenza, aber auch sehr gut. wird gespielt.”

Laurent Garnier: “really like the vibe of underneath the ... will play this a lot”

Little White Earbuds: “The organic locomotion of Gavin Herlihy's 26 Miles wrings drama & train honks from proper Cadenza rhythms. Hungry for more risk taking! 6/10”

loco dice: “Full Support !!!! Train Dog is the one”

Los Updates: “just great .will kill every time.”

Magazin - Mixmag // Ed Karney: “Apart from Luciano's recent collab with Guy Gerber this is easily the best release on Cadenza for ages ”

Magazin - Proud // Till Kolter: “Chuuh chuuh, the train is dodging.”

Magazine - Dance Club Portugal: “cadenza has been on high rotation these past weeks and the output has been very openminded. gavin's ep, with michel cleis and salvatore freda's ep, is my favourite recent 12" on cadenza. really like the movement on both tracks, relentlessly moving forward.”

Magazine - / Telf: “Liking the a side very much. Nice to hear something different today!”

Magazine - Posivision mag: “Underneath the Wind Manchine : just what you'd expect! deep emotional. Train Dodging : vest for coming over the summer! fantastic.”

Matt John: “like it”

Matthew Dear: “Train Dodging is powerful... ”

Mihalis Safras: “thanks..will definitely dig those at sonar! Train doging is superb..rolling and smooth! ”

Nick Curly: “nice one!”

Oleg Poliakov: “A side for me .. very trippy and beautifull ! thx”

Patrik Bodmer (M.A.N.D.Y.): “train dodging is great. the wind machine - i will download and listen.... gavin herlihy is on fire at the moment. that´s for sure. thx., patrick”

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM To: “absolutely love this release - TRAIN DODGING is a killer track!”

Radio - Paul Hamill // BBC Rad: “i hammer every single Gavin Herlihy record i get my hands on. one of the best talents around at the minute. both tracks are amazing.”

Riva Starr: “Cadenza is among my fav labels atmo, still hammering the Arc En Ciel tune...this ep is no exception.. bring on the good vibes. RS ”

Robert Dietz: “train dodging for me! super release...”

Sebo K: “very nice gavin!! full support as always.”

Sebo K (Mobilee): “very nice release by gavin! works great on the floor!”

Seth Troxler: “epic rave bombs!! will def play. can i even say ill white english funk.”

Seuil: “thx, train dodging is cool..”

Shlomi Aber: “cool record”

shonky: “really cool release,favourite is the rain Dodging,wil dig this one”

Stacey Pullen: “very hypnotic and gypsy style will support. thanks”

Stefan Goldmann (Macro): “Great Cadenza debut for Gavin. Will play the A side a lot. ”

Technasia: “train dodging is a floor rocker. will play that one”

Tiefschwarz Ali: “great gavin - well done, best ali”

Will Saul: “Super strong release from Gavin - well done dude! Totally fresh sound. Will be huge this summer no doubt. Full support from me.”

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