“The Mohana Ep”

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Wagon Repair’s first release past the 50 benchmark offers a look at long time partner Hrdvsion’s latest works of chopped melody and effervescent invention. Opener ‘The Mohana’ explores a central chord progression with intermittent squeaked melodic static, reverberant pad echoes and crisp swinging percussion. A pragmatic animal, dueling hook lines dance, transform and compete for attention between pounded kick and hat in one of Hrdvsion’s most floor ready tracks to date. B side ‘ Sliding Into Air (Edit)’ takes matters ten clicks deeper as soaked pads loom forebodingly over lively harmonic sparks. An exercise in volume and dynamics, melodic holes are punched through a compressed mix, their impact adding profound rhythm to the already infectious percussive motor. Epic and uncompromising, ‘Sliding Into Air’ is a violently graphic alternative to its meeker techno cousins. ‘Sliding Into Air (Live)’ , which will only be available in digital format, offers a different shade to its aggressive original, with melodic and percussive variations adding definition to the tracks monolithic pads and mix meddling dynamics.

WAG051 in the media

Brothers Vibe (Mixx Rec): “Feelin' track "The Mohana" - the quirky synth and hat flow does it for me - nice one!”

Jamie Jones (Crosstown Rebels,: “Really into Mohana, will be spinning. niiice.”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “gute nummer auf a. ich liebe es.”

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