Doc L Junior

“Footnotes 3”

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Shit hot release from the super consistent Sex Tags crew !! FootNotes was the Bergen, Norway based label run by Bjørn Torske with only two releases, the late 1997 house classic and collectors item “Haribo” by Erot and the way too underrated dub-house 12” “Farlig Fiffus” by Krisp. In 2002 the laqcuers for the third release were cut and all ready for the press, but for some obscure reason it never made it to the actual pressing. In the end lacquers were demolished and the mastertape got lost. Several years later the mastertape showed up in a tower of old tapes and mastercuts. Recovered by the Sex Tags Mania crew, now seven years after it’s origibnal releasedate, Doc L Junior’s two classic and brilliant house and disco tracks are ready for a proper release. As a tribute, a longing for old days, Sex Tags Mania will releases FootNotes 3 in April 2009.

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