Vincenzo Presents The Phantom Image

“Thizz Izzz The Lab”

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After his fi rst ever single for Poker Flat last year, Dessous central artist Vincenzo, who really needs no introductions, announces his next installment on Steve Bug‘s primary outfit. Vincenzo presents ‚The Phantom Image‘; now his alias and name-sake for more techy workouts. Seamlessly melding classic acid house and techno beats with up-to-date futuristic sounds, and in contrast to his deep grooving signature tracks fi rmly grounded in house - the two cuts found here wander into tougher, tooly, tracky territories: Thizz Izzz The Lab. Lead cut ‚Thizz Izzz‘ introduces a strong, tweaking, future acid vibe that slowly evolves, coupled with a super sub bassline, into a monster dark-room jam. Vincenzo throws away the niceties and works the fl oor into a storm with tense, atmospheric synth work characterised by his unique studio sheen. A straight forward, all out dancefl oor weapon, ‚The Phantom Image‘ sound is fl owing in full effect…. On the fl ip ‚The Lab‘ leads us down sweeter, summery paths, with an earthy rolling techno jam whose melodic synth punctuation fi ts wonderfully between the solid and tactile analogue beats. Bouncing toms lead the way before a sinister dark vs light synth theme takes over and perhaps sums up the hot, heady climax of an open-air just waiting to happen!

PFR104 in the media

Anja Schneider (Mobilee): “great record. Love Thizzzz IZZZZ Super package. 5/5”

Anthony Collins (Get Physical): “the lab is the bomb !!!! 4/5”

Benoit Carretier /Tsugi): “Love it! 4/5”

Break 3000 (Dirt Crew): “KILLER ! 5/5”

Dubfire (Ideal Audio): “5/5”

Hell (Gigolo): “nice!!! 4/5”

John Digweed (Bedrock): “good stuff 3/5”

John Tejada (Palette): “really like the melodies in the lab. both songs are nice. 4/5”

Konrad Black (Wagon Repair): “Super bomb...just in time to go play at sonar... 4/5”

Laurent Garnier (F Com): “nice groove, realy like THE LAB will play it out 4/5”

Marco Resmann (Upon You): “"the lab" is the one for me! 4/5”

Martin Eyerer (Kling Klong): “love it! 4/5”

Martin Landsky (Poker Flat): “wow...what a of these tracks i wish i did it =)) 5/5”

Patrick Chardronnet (Audiomati: “i`ll play i´ll play,haaaha respect vincenco!! 4/5”

Peter Kruder (G-Stone): “2 cool tracks here. Will play this. 5/5”

Phonique (Dessous): “die a seite rockt ohne ende. 4/5”

Ptoile (Clique): “5 star deluxe.. great record.. full support. 5/5”

Ralf Kollmann (Mobilee): “super! 4/5”

Sian (Aus): “thizz izz is great,super nice builder! 5/5”

Simon Flower (Moon Harbour): “Another cracking Poker Flat EP. Thizz Izzz just rocks along with stunning production and that tight but trippy sound... 5/5 ”

Thomas Schumacher (Get Physica: “Ace! 4/5”

tobitob (Moonbootica): “Thizz Izzz the shiznizzle! Yes sir, I like it. These are two strong tracks, cannot decide which is the better... Thanks! 4/5”

Tomaz (Studio Brussels): “the lab is a very funky, uplifting tune! 08/10”

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