Willie Graff & Tuccillo

“Atracktion Ep”

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New York’s talented Cielo resident, Ibizian Willie Graff joins forces with fellow Ibizian house activist Guiseppe Tuccillo in this late-night jam. After numerous quality release on labels like Drumpoet Community, Liebe*Detail or Jimpster’s Freerange the ibizian combo stikes back on Circus Company. This 3 tracker is quite complete. On A side you’ll get some .Snerata’ for your picktime with a housy flavor. Power is Inside : Feel the bass, feel the keys… The B side leads us to some deeper vibes. Rucula is a delicious house track to play on build up time. Warm athmosphere, five star deep house… Then the EP close down with .Do it’. Here we are still in the deep but in a more tooly direction. Perfect one to play. Ladys and gentleman, come on and dive into Willie Graff & Tuccillo fantastic flow !!!

CCS039 in the media

Agnes: “Willie Graff & Tuccillo are real groovers, they'll understand what i mean... There's too much fakaz in this game, but this release is on the groove side, I LOVE IT, FULL SUPPORT”

Alex Dallas (Drumpoet Communit: “This is a killer ep! I can't really decide which one i like the most. ”

Alexkid: “Fantastic! I love Do it and the way it builds... Right down my alley! I really like the other 2 tracks, but "do it" is definitely my Fav. Quality as always... ”

Anthony Collins: “do it superb”

Brothers Vibe (Mixx Rec): “Always dynamite! Great work - full support :)”

DJ Deep: “Nice deep house cuts!”

DJ Sneak (Magnetic): “This is some beautiful well produced deep house. i love the vibes and it really sounds great. keep it up !!! Snereta is the one for me.”

DJ W!LD: “nice and deep !!! ”

DPlay: “Rucula is my favorite ...I like the groove!”

Federico Molinari (Oslo): “really cool release! ”


Giles Smith (secretsundaze): “Another cool ep from Willy and Tucillo. "Snerata" slowly unwinds till the keys break through. Nice rough sound too. Like both cuts on the flip too particularly "Do It" with its cool, crunchy percussion. ”

Jimpster: “absolutely killer. every track is a winner here. will be playing lots.”

John Tejada: “excellent groovy chunky house flavored beats from one of the most consistent labels around. very cool. thanks!”

John Tejada: “really nice proper new york house. snerata is really nice. ”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “a-seite ist sowas von toll. ging am wochenende einiges. großartige platte.”

Kawabata (Drumpoet Community): “nice ep, will play it. ”

Laurent Garnier: “lovely deepness will definitely play this out ”

Little White Earbuds: “Born in Ibiza, the world’s tropical dance music oasis, Willie Graff has always held the kick drum close to his heart. Securing his first DJing residency at age 14, Graff went on to become Pacha’s youngest resident before moving to New York and taking the reins at Cielo. With techno and house running through his veins, Graff’s 2005 transition into producing proved remarkably smooth, enlisting a constant stream of collaborators (including Jerome Sydenham, DJ Pippi and Tuccillo) as he refined a jacking style of tech-house. With each new 12″ for liebe*detail, Wave Music, Drumpoet Community and Freerange, Graff and Tuccillo (his most frequent partner) have opted for slower, more house-oriented sounds. The “Atracktion EP,” their new release for Circus Company, finds the duo at their most methodical and mellow. Buttressed by rolling toms and swinging hi-hat backbeats, moist opener “Do It” alternates between mushy chords and softly intoned calls to “do it” and “move it,” with just enough kinetic energy to have early arrivals swaying. Yet its subdued nature leaves the track feeling predictable, almost like a placeholder between more vibrant tunes. “Rucula” nudges the tempo and intensity a notch higher, rewarding careful observers with minute details like gentle strumming sounds and shifting hi-hat timbres. At its core, “Rucula” only builds on the “Do It” template of understated synth tones and vocal samples, adding a resonating piano chord and party-friendly sample drops as distinguishing features. Graff and Tuccilo take the most risks with “Snerata,” loosening snare hits from the grid, letting a wandering synth progression stepping up and down the scale. Sharpened vocal syllables chase dancers towards a glowing beatless section recalling an orchestra warming up before a performance. Serving as an inviting transition point for DJs, listeners can hear the attention paid to the sound design. Distilling Graff and Tucillo’s recent aesthetic to its most functional, formulaic state, the “Atracktion EP”’s unwavering focus serves up enjoyment and disappointment in equal measures.”

Los Updates: “as usual with circus company great stuff”

Matthew Dear: “Nice one. Really like Do It... Will play out late at night or early in the morning.”

Matthews Styles: “Very nice ep ..hard to decide which track i will play the most...will support for sure ”

Mike Monday: “Rucula is the one for me”

Nick Curly (Cécile): “nice one. ..rucula is my fav.”

Nick Curly (Cecille): “great release..will play it for sure”

Nôze: “good grooves, it will be nice to play. Good label... ahahaha...”

Oleg Poliakov: “Very nice Deep house EP! Snerata for me, playin it !”

Osunlade: “love this ep!..nice, techy and deep all at once...”

Philip Sherburne: “digging the ascending bassline of "snerata" -- gives the tune a cool, unusual flow that stands in contrast to yr average boompty boompty. "rucula" has a nice, laid-back feel and top-notch sound design (though never over the top). "do it" is quite nice as well! ”

Reboot (Cadenza Records): “Amazing Record! Rucula & Do it are the ones for me - deep shit!”

Robert Dietz: “super release, love snerata and rucula.”

Robert Dietz: “massive ep, love it a lot! snerata and rucula are on heavy rotation. ”

Sascha Funke (Bpitch): “nice one”

Sasha Dive (Deep Vibes): “Rucula is good. ”

Sebo K (Mobilee): “b1 is the one for me. very nice! full support. ”

Sierra Sam (TuningSpork): “very good !!!”

Spencer Parker: “really like snerata will def play! thanks s”

Stacey Pullen: “cool mellow deep house can't go wrong with this”

Steve Bug (Poker Flat): “Snereta is an absolut bomb, lovin it! i also like do it, it is a nice tool. will play and chart! ”

Technasia: “soulfull hosue. excellent release. will play”

Tiefschwarz Basti: “i play snerata!”

Will Saul: “Lovely EP from Willie & Circus. My pick is the luscious Rucula. Full support. W”

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