Session Victim

“Out On Love”

RTR002T scanZoom inLabelRetreat
Cat. No.RTR002T
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Big with: Ripperton (Perspectiv), Mr Scruff (Ninja Tune), Soultourist (Drumpoet), Audio Werner (Hartchef), Langenberg (Dessous), Julius Steinhof (Smallville), ND Baumecker (Pbar), Nathan Mclay (Future Classic),… + DEBUG CHARTS # 3 Welcome to the second chapter of the Retreat saga! “Contribute” was just a teaser for SESSION VICTIM so with “Out On Love”, Hauke Freer and Matthias Reiling show their true potential through 3 tracks of undiluted funkiness. The first track on the EP starts off quite simply but your excitement builds as promising chords and a Detroit-style acid-synth give you an idea where “Memory Lane” is heading. After a dramatic break that features a notorious groove legend proclaiming that he’s “out on love", the chords reveal their full potential and the track rolls into a major floor filler, complete with tight drum patterns, extra sub bass and some more vocal snippets. Yes! Flip the record and the beat of “Calypso Strut

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