Pilocka Krach

“Delusions Of Grandeur”

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“Delusions of Grandeur” by Pilocka Krach is a 12′’ beyond good and evil. Right from the first dry and crisp beat you are kicked to another dimension. Irony and punk reign supreme, far away from the usual stuff that moves the dance floor. Those witnessed Pilocka live know what to expect: raw thumping beats, esprit, bizarre funkiness and a powerful, unique “one woman performance". On stage or on record - she gets straight down to it! “All is love” is a gaudy 80’s track with vocal hooks and a stomping bass line. The extreme old-school electro beat pushes straight forward together with a funky nerd arrangement that leaves us without a doubt: we’re not dealing with retro-from-the-fridge, but a fresh and new pick from the garden. “Bubblegum” gives a much slower feeling. Gives you time to enjoy the absurdity that dwells in this heck of a laugh. No hook could be further reduced. “Do you have a bubblegum” - a mantra for chatting people up in a stomping, eternal night… “Gitarre spielen” ("playing guitar") shows that Pilocka Krach knows no boundaries of genre but her own. Common denominator always is a beat that makes you move. But beyond that, anything can happen. Here we have an acoustic guitar that lulls us and lightly takes us along to some dude who pitifully realises that he isn’t Bob Dylan. Again, everyone and everything is invited to sing along as preferred, as long as the track bounces on to a clearly defined coda. The end is fully achieved with the odd track “punk’s not dead". Here we bounce, have a jolly whistle and groove smiling like a crackpot. Pilocka Krach is loud, obscene and untamed. Childish new shit, definitively punk and true mpc rock’n'roll.

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