Markus Schatz And Brett Longman

“Walking Drops Ep”

FRANKIE046 scanZoom inLabelFrankie
Cat. No.FRANKIE046
Orders fromTue, 16 Jun 2009
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Markus Schatz and Brett Longman brilliant combo delivers on frankie rec their so original deep and bleepy melodic techno ….We start with a1-Funky bells phat bleepy house cut with warm weird female voices and heady original atmosphere…on a2-Crazy Bob is a piece of funky techno with distorded melodic synths …On the flip b1-Frau Jo with french vocals parts and a mental deep atmosphere…very inspirated track with beautifull arrangements …sounds a great moment of contemplation …and b2-Walking Drops more straight techy beats with some jazzy incursions and shuffle cut voices …well to sum up this EP looks like a great journey indeed!

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