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COLLECTING ORDERS FOR REPRESS! It’s been a while since the bad boys of impassioned, pitch-black techno behind classics such as “Charly” and “What is What” and Pan-o-Rama, the stunning debut artist album on mobilee, have released any of their own productions; but don’t let that fool you—Pan-Pot is back with a vengeance on their newest release for mobilee, Confronted. The artwork for Confronted is particularly indicative of the sonic path the duo have chosen to forge: a mythical mermaid, simultaneously sad and beautiful, has been darkened to the point of barely being visible. While the dark, almost gothic qualities to the image suggest that the duo have maintained the shadowy, hard techno sound that they made their names with, the presence of a creature as sensitive as a mermaid is indicative of their willingness to expand the components of their productions, all the while staying firmly rooted in what they do best: colossal, haunting techno tracks overflowing with noise and static, throbbing bass lines, and epic builds that manage to be both tasteful and restrained. Whereas “Charly” saw Pan-Pot using vocals to make a near-funereal track even more somber, the use of vocals on “Confronted” have an almost opposite effect. The deadpan delivery of the spoken word courtesy of Eva Padberg adds to its frigidity, balancing out the waves of static, rolling bass lines, and stabs of synthesizer until the vocals are hacked to fragments and seamlessly integrated into the track’s overall soundscape. “Face to Face” is ultimately a metallic track—everything from the sparsely placed percussion fills and stuttered melodic tones to the hashed vocals have a distinctly piercing and noisy texture that feels perfectly at home alongside thunderous bass lines and exploding waves of pandemonium that rush over the listener.

MOBILEE054 in the media

2000 and One: “deep dark n dangergous. i love it! ”

Adam Beyer: “love it! Been playing the crap out of it. BOMB!”

adam beyer: “"Full Support" Rating: 5/5 ”

Bigshot Magazine: “Hailing as the Minus of modern Berlin, this prominent label in the minimal scene has had a steady flow of monster 12” releases since their birth, not to mention a score of exclusive parties. Darkly set in bouncy metallic soundscape, this peak thriller features everything from chopped vocals, piercing noise washes, and blistering melodies. Designed for 2AM with no exceptions! ”

Christian Smith: “fucking amazing”

Dubfire: “Fucking rocking!!!!! All 4 trax KILLED Stockholm! Thnx”

dubfire: “Got this from Tas not long ago and been absolutely MASSIVE for me! 'Confronted' and 'Face to Face' are the standouts though all 54 rock! Danke!! 5/5 ”

Gregor Tresher: “Rating: 5/5 Excellent release, Face To Face and The Birds both sound great. ”

guy gerber: “i like the birds. will try it this weekend. ”

Joel Mull: “Rating: 5/5 Wow my Two Favourite Gangbangers! This release is the BOMB! Well done boys. Production is as always TOP. Sounds very nice. Favourite Face to Face & Diamonds Head! Will play alot. Thank you Joel ”

Joris Voorn: “Rating: 5/5 Super cool EP!! Nice to hear some dry beats these days.. ;) All tracks are great, but Confronted is best! ”

karotte: “Rating: 5/5 great!!! all 4 tracks are bombs. love it. can´t wait for the vinyl copy.”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “i play this since weeks. is in my july charts. bombs.”

m.a.n.d.y.: “confronted, diamonds head und die vögel mag i gerne!!! wird jespielt. danke. ”

Marc Antona: “Rating: 5/5 Serious but groovy ! Love "Confronted"”

markus kavka: “Rating: 4/5 bin ja eh fan! kann mich nicht erinnern, dass die kollegen schon mal einen schlechten track gemacht hätten... jetzt kommen erneut 4 sagenhafte dazu. spiel ich, besonders 1 und 4. ”

martin eyerer: “confronted is defo the one! fits to my sets andIll play in my radioshow as well. ”

mathias schaffhäuser: “Rating: 4/5 guter gegenentwurf gegen alle trends + konsens-sounds: strenge, darkness, minimalismus ohne manirismus. da bin ich dabei! ”

Nick Curly (Cecille): “full support!”

Oliver Huntemann: “Tracks gefallen mir, wie immer, sehr sehr gut. Mein Favorit ist Confronted aber der Rest kommt auch zum Einsatz.”

paco osuna: “Rating: 5/5 I like confronted is a super hit track,, also diamonds head is a super cool track ,my congratulations to pan-pot for those fantastic tracks :) ”

Ralph Lawson: “Rating: 4/5 ace ace ace all sound good ”

Rodriguez Jr: “yeah.. they do it again! nice ep. sure confronted will bring a lot of madness on the floor. ”

Sian: “Rating: 4/5 suuuperrr maxi deadly...!!!!!! ”

SLAM: “I new this would be goog - Great ep. Full support!”

solomun: “the diamonds for me! ”

Speedy J: “sounds great! On first listen i think my fave is face to face...!”

Stephan Bodzin: “Ich fand ja Eure Sachen schon immer sehr fett – aber das hier ist definitiv die stärkste Pan-Pot die bisher. Die ist mal sowas von dick...Ich zappel hier schön durchs Studio :-))) kein Scheiss. A-Seite ist direkt mein Fav. Knaller. ”

stephan bodzin: “Rating: 5/5 i´ve been playing the whole release for a few month now. best pan-pot so far. huge impact wherever i dropped them!!! confronted & face to face are simply the top-tunes of my set at the moment. full sipport for th rest of 2009 minimum ”

Tobi Neumann (Cocoon): “gute techno produktion, i like it! die kommt im herbst dran. ”

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