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Hold onto your hats! Making their debut appearance on Cadenza, Cesar Merveille & Pablo Cahn-Speyer touch down like a cyclone, with two percussion-heavy cuts that pay homage to the glories of vintage mambo. Cesar has quickly made a name for himself with releases on Circus Company, Serialism, Safari Electronique and others, with his “Chocopop Jazz"—released under the name Cesar Maravillas—making a huge splash in 2008. This is Pablo’s first release, but the London-based pair is already well known for residencies at T-Bar, where their colorful, upbeat sets provide a soundtrack perfectly calibrated for the feel-good hedonism of some of London’s most celebrated parties. “Tribute,” already known to clubbers as a highlight of Luciano’s recent sets, is a killer fusion of old and new, splicing vintage samples from golden-age salsa into a stomping groove that’s as chunky as a pair of high-heeled wedges. It all starts out as a stripped-down, highstepping drum track, punctuated by sexy, primal whoops. But that ain’t the half of it. In come spooky flutes, fluttering sax and the rush of crowd noise, with an irresistibly funky jazz break building tension. Before long, the bandleader’s calling out the dance, chanting and singing. Horns are blaring, piano pumping, congas rolling. It’s a veritable hurricane of African, Caribbean and European musical traditions, and anything that isn’t tied down will soon be soaring above the dancefloor. “La Yuca” is a far more subdued affair, laying down a nimble, gliding groove with just the slightest hint of disco to it. Layers of additional percussion—syncopated toms, splash cymbals, chirping congas—give the track a powerful sense of swing; a lone, repeated chord sets the atmosphere, expanding like a giant soap bubble. Assuming center stage is a haunting male vocal sung in Spanish—weathered, gritty, and emotionally ambiguous in that particularly Latin-American way. It’s not a “happy” or “sad” song, it’s storm cloud and silver lining all tangled up

CADENZA39 in the media

2000 & One (Intacto): “wicked jazzy stuff !”

Alex Picone (Cadenza): “Like a lot, super Cesar !!! Peace”

Anja Schneider (Mobilee): “La Yuca is for me. Thxxx will play :) ”

Argenis Brito (Cadenza): “Simply a bomb!”

Bigshot Magazine: “With support from some of the most recognized names in techno, this duo appears for the first time on Cadenza with this throwback tribute to mambo. This stripped down techno monster starts with percussion in full force, while a huge array of flutes, sax and pulsing pianos deliver a sweaty dancefloor groove. Fully organic and extremely sultry, this sexy number is a call for the ladies.”

Chris Tietjen (Cocoon): “LOVE both sides, amazing groove... in my opinion "tribute" is going to be a bit stressfull after the second break but the people loved it anyway :) FULL SUPPORT”

Dyed Soundorom: “Great release for Cesar & Pablo! Can't imagine the damage on the dance floor...”

Gavin Herlihy: “Tribute is the one for me and an edit of the track will be included on my Dolce Pulgadas Cadenza show, a mix for Proton as well as a mix for Cool Magazine in Brazil. ”

Giles Smith (secretsundaze): “A side is great fun. Maybe a lil too party for me but really cool.”

Guy Gerber (Supplement Facts): “Tribute has a superb groove. Is it possible to get a wav file as well? Great release. ”

Kabale und Liebe & Lauhaus: “One of the best party tracks of this summer. Very well done cesar & pablo”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “b seiten track find ich gut.”

Laurent Garnier: “Yeah yeah yeah full latino tribal bordelo! Will play of course”

Lee Van Dowski: “Bomb, will play!!!!!”

Loco Dice (Desolat): “FULL Support !!!”

Mathias Tanzmann (Moon Harbour: “already playing it since sonar - thx guys :)”

Nick Curly (Cécile): “Really nice release. Will def play it!”

Nick Curly (Cecille): “massive release...full support!”

Radio Slave (Rekids): “Love it.....Both tracks are super dope...10/10 ”

Ralph Lawson (2020Vision): “Sounds lik e it's Tribute for me but will check both...gracias chicos”

Reboot (Cadenza): “Monster bomb!! charted and played!! ”

Ryan Crosson (Wagon Repaire): “Bombs”

Ryan Elliott (Spectral): “Loving Both. Yeah!!!”

Sebo K (Mobilee): “nice one! full support.”

Sis (Cécile): “bomba bomba bomba ayyyyyyyyy sisisisisisisisisi”

Sven Fortmann Lodown Mag (GER): “massive Jazz break on Tribute... lovin it!”

Tedd Patterson: “Yes, I love this! Both tracks hit hard. Both in the box!!!”

The Martinez Brothers (Objekti: “Tribute is such a dope track! we grew up with the fania all stars, so this is just perfect!! ”

Tobi Neumann (Cocoon): “masterpiece! beautyfil music and perfect grooves.. i like it and i play it. thanks, t”

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