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Following up on her unanimously acclaimed third album ‘ May Be Later’ (Vakant), Chilean artist and Berlin transplant Alejandra Iglesias conceived ‘Anemik’ entirely for the Wagon Repair label after being approached by label head Mathew Jonson. A musing on femininity and the fine line between romance and delirium, ‘Anemik’ transcends borders in its range of influence and reflects consciousness in the fluidity and tangibly live origins of its creation. Recorded using analog equipment and acoustic instruments with a strong emphasis on voice, there is a wisdom and maturity to this work that suggests an artist in the prime of her life. Opener ‘Childish’ builds from meditative beginnings with looped synth, wandering pads and wildfire percussive cycles that concoct a deep and dreamy landscape. ‘Romaniks’ creates space between electronic and acoustic spheres with Latin soaked beats encircling a subdued kick. Mantric vocal chants inject a mystical dimension to the affair, its psychedelic overtones continuing into ‘Westoid’, where Dinky’s vocal lament is complimented by the baritone accents of Los Updates enigmatic Jorge Gonzales. ‘Gold Fishes’ bubbles into being with processed choral scales, while ‘Rain Fallic’ is a mid tempo trip of lazy legato harmonies and epic Telecaster drones. Title track ‘Anemik’ is a restless electronic frenzy, with melodic and percussive elements feuding amidst staccato vocals, effervescent machine transmissions and a penetrating central kick. ‘Glacial’ opens with an aquatic brew of reverberant vocals and deep percussion that swims through murky pads and delayed keys to close. ‘Ceramik’ weaves a tight beat, with warm Rhodes accompaniment, live percussion and ramped vocal passages concocting a mesmeric floor worker for the early hours. A perfect example of the fluid, jam infused tone of the album as a whole. Thumbed melodic patterns and sonorous key stabs characterize ‘Glassic’, while ‘Skyped’ intertwines grandiose processed chorals, deep metallic pe

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Anna Boß (electronic beats): “Dinky mag euch bereits ein Begriff sein, denn auf der Slices 2-09 gab es ein Feature über die interessante Chilenin. Im Oktober erscheint ihr neues Album “Anemik” auf Mathew Jonsons Label Wagon Repair. Die mittlerweile in Berlin lebende Künstlerin tourt zwar als DJ ständig durch die Welt, hat aber nach ihrer letzten Release “May Be Later” (Vakant) nur ein Jahr gebraucht, um erneut ein Album zu veröffentlichen. In “Anemik” kombiniert sie analoges Equipment mit Akustik-Instrumenten. Insgesamt erscheint das Album Vocal-lastig und sehr gereift. Dinky verbindet erfolgreich Detroit-Techno-Elemente mit der Berliner Schule und ihren südamerikanischen Wurzeln. Diese ungewöhnliche Mischung verleiht ihr eine Einzigartigkeit, die in elektronischen Zirkeln nicht unbedingt evident ist. Romantisch, verträumt, alptraumhaft und von Zeit zu Zeit berauschend sind Zustände, die ihren Sound in etwa beschreiben können. Schön, dass es eine weitere Frau geschafft hat, sich dauerhaft in der so Männer-dominierten Techno-Welt zu etablieren.”

Bigshot Magazine: “Returning after the momentum of her 2008 album “May Be Later” on Vakant, Ms. Dinky is back with her first release of 2009. Laced with intoxicating arpeggios, this stripped down key stab funk machine is precision tuned for the late night crowd. With a quick symphonic interlude of epic proportions, this darkly colored 4-track EP leaves you with a disorienting vibe.”

exclaim: “Chilean born, Berlin-based producer Dinky (aka Alejandra Iglesias) comes out with her impressive fourth release, Anemik, on Mathew Jonson's Canadian label, Wagon Repair. In the mid-'90s, Iglesias became infatuated with techno after an influential trip to Berlin and moved to NYC to study dance. Her musical upbringing and international experiences contribute to her texturally diverse tech house. On Anemik, she opens with "Childish," a rhythmic, melodic dreamscape that draws you deep within its grooves. "Westoid" is a funky, harmonious vocal house track that features Chilean pop star and friend Jorge Gonzales. "Ceramik" glides effortlessly from start to finish, with Latin-infused percussion beats, fluid vocal climbs and gratifying dance floor rhythms. The album comes to a close with "Fadik," a quirky acoustic rendition of Mazzy Star's hit "Fade Into You," and "Nocturnal," a 33-second ambient bleed. Dinky's superb craftsmanship and skill permeate every track. Anemik is a flawless album that delicately balances deep, complex rhythmic structures with experimental, melodic downtempo sensibilities. Highly recommended. (Wagon Repair)”

Laurent Garnier (F Com): “very good atmosphere will present on the radio as we as will play in clubs NIIIIICE”

Raveline: “Gerademal ein Jahr ist die Veröffentlichung von Dinkys drittemAlbum „May be later“ her, schon liefert uns die gebürtigeChilenin Alejandra Iglesias ihre vierte LP. Erschienen ist dasgute Stück auf Mathew Jonsons Label „Wagon Repair“.Dinkys Sound lässt sich auch bei „Anemik“ nicht in eineSchublade stecken. Musikalisch verwendet sie, was ihr imLaufe ihres Lebens über den Weg gelaufen ist: Folklore ausSüdamerika, elektronische Beats aus Berlin und Housigesaus Detroit. Sie verbindet technisches Equipment mit akustischenInstrumenten wie ploppenden Bongos. Mittendrinzwitschert immer wieder Dinkys filigrane Stimme. Und diewird auf „Anemik“ sogar noch von Jorge Gonzales unterstützt.Vocals über Vocals? Nein, denn Dinky streut sie feinins Ganze. Während „Fadik“ ganz auf Alejandras sanfteStimme baut, kommt der Track „Epepsia“ völlig ohne Text aus:Meeresrauschen, Vogelgezwitscher und ein minimalistischerElektro-Beat, zwischendrin wildes Getrommel – zum Träumenund Mitschwingen. Dinkys Sound ist einfach anders, berauschendanders. Neben ihren weltweiten Club-Gigs vielleichtmit ein Grund, warum sie sich zwischen all den männlichenDJs und Producern etablieren konnte.”

Resident Advisor: “Dinky is set to release her latest LP through Wagon Repair in October, entitled Anemik. It was almost exactly a year ago that Berlin imprint Vakant and Alejandra Iglesias AKA Dinky were preparing for the release of her previous LP effort, May Be Later. The ensuing 12 months appear to have been exclusively album-focused for Dinky, who after having put out a single remix since May Be Later's October 2008 release, returned just last month with album primer Lydian, also via Wagon Repair. On what will be her fourth studio album to date, Anemik sees Dinky exploring, "a musing on femininity and the fine line between romance and delirium," over the course of thirteen previously unreleased productions. The recording process was said to be heavily geared towards capturing live performances of acoustic instruments and analog synthesis, while Dinky lends her voice to many of the album's offerings. The entire production/mixing/engineering process was also said to have been undertaken by Iglesias' fair hand.”

Seth Troxler: “really love this using a track off the lp for my mix cd on bpitch. awesome ”

URB: “Bursting with slick rhythms and sensual electronics, Anemik, Dinky’s audaciously-titled third full-length, is anything but. In fact, in the realm of chill-out electronica, the Chilean-born DJ’s latest set is refreshingly spirited, at times even exciting. Anemik certainly accomplishes the feat of creating a chilled-out atmosphere with its hypnotic beats while offering up musical twists that will keep listeners from dozing off too much. On “Romantiks,” Dinky weaves together off-kilter salsa-inspired drum fills with gentle keyboard accents and ghostly vocal samples. The penultimate track “Fadik,” a glitchy cover of Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You” driven by machinery-like percussion and Dinky’s hushed vocals, is sure to soundtrack a whole new generation of kids making out. With an effort as strong as Anemik, Dinky has proven that her own material can be just as compelling as any DJ set.”

XLR8R: “Ignore the title—the blood isn’t weak here. Suave microhouse rhythms, fluid synth riffs, and rackety percussive hits flow through the heart of this album by Chilean-Berliner Dinky (a.k.a. Alejandra Iglesias). She has a great habit of losing her vocals in the machine—exhibit A is “Skyped,” where her vowels splinter and dissipate into a mess of polyrhythms. Other trips down the rabbit hole include the psychedelic bebop jaunt “Westoid Feat Updates,” and the Neubauten-like industrial grind of “Fadik.” Despite a few uninspired synth instrumentals, Iglesias’ courage in tossing in abrupt twists and clangs into her rhythms is quite welcome in a time when stale and, well, anemic minimal records keep piling up in shops and MP3 players.”

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