“Vertiges Ep”

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Antislash joins frankie records with a 3 tracker EP titled “Vertiges EP” a bunch of quirky sounds and fonky beats …We start with the long side A1 - Lendemain de Fête (more than 10 min!!)a great shaky tool sounds like an invitation to share their sense of groove warm and bleepy sounds are nicely arranged …definitely a great moment with crazy moments and deeper atmosphere in the 2nd part of the song…simply a wonderfull and powerfull track!…on the flip B1 Damn a nice bleepy and crazyness with takt, groove and great arrangements …follows B2 Pastis Anis combining deeper atmosphere and weird bleepy sounds as antislah knows to do!

FRANKIE047 in the media

Adam Beyer: “Pastis anis is my fave here. great stuff to loose yourself to. ”

Brett Johnson: “Lendemain De..." and "Damn" are sick and doin´ the trick for Unclesugarknees. Quality weird from quality label.”

Brother Vibes: “Lendemain de Fête - WICKED! I will be running it for sure : )”

Butane: “Lendemail de Fete is super dope.”

Davide Squillace: “great one on lendemain and Pastis(great drink btw)”

Electric Indigo: “yeah, really like this release. my favorite is lendemain de fete - love the snare sound and programming here! will play all tracks :-)”

Format B: “weird and twisted... place "pastis anis" late in the afternoon:)”

Mag Proud / Till Kolter: “solid frankie”

Magda: “nice grooves”

Matt Star: “Lendemain de fete is a bomb...but this time the whole ep is very good...”

Matthew Dear: “Good Stuff”

Mixmag / Ed Karney: “freaky techno!”

Only For Djs Mag: “Funky dope. extra”

Posivision Mag (Japan): “Lendemain de Fête : tough!! Damn : sounds cool, nice click work. go together Alex under;-)”

Seuil: “great ep from my mates... thx for the music”

Someone Else: “all tracks here are good! solid release!”

Tim Xavier: “DOPE!!!!! Me likey....will play and chart! And fall asleep to with my iPod on re-peat. ”

Troy Pierce: “all 3 tracks rock, sick e.p”

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