Felipe Venegas & Francisco Allendes

“Llovizna Ep”

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Cadenza returns to its Chilean roots with a new EP from rising talents Felipe Venegas and Francisco Allendes. This is their first record for the label, but they’ve been stirring up trouble for a while now. Felipe Venegas racked up a handful of digital releases before his vinyl debut last summer with the Pa Bailar y Pa Gozar EP on Immigrant. Francisco Allendes has been releasing music under his own name since 2003, but in recent years he’s been best known for the duo Monomachine, with Iñigo Oruezabal, responsible for records on Catwash, Paradigma and his own Andes Music label. Together, they combine their influences—sturdy tech-house, classical minimalism, Chilean folk music and scads of Afro-Latin percussion—into three tracks that put a fresh twist on the classic Cadenza sound. “Llovizna” is a marvel to behold, wrapping itself in velvety, ribbon-like arpeggios that recall the soft, rounded melodies of Loco Dice’s “Paradiso” and Luciano and Thomas Melchior’s “Father.” But as pretty as it is, this is no shrinking violet. A fierce, muscular rhythm section gives the track its unusual power. It’s all about the study in contrasts, with bells and shakers falling in a fine, regular mist, interrupted by thundering drum fills. A long passage of Spanish-language folksong forms the song’s hushed, expectant centerpiece; finally, the percussion grows in intensity, a sparkling fusion of acoustic timbres and electronic frequencies, setting the scene for the track’s expansive finale—a tour de force of lush, tender synthesizers following a meandering and mesmerizing path to some secret destination. “Parrot Plot” jumps into the thick of things with tight, springy percussion, flickering vocal shots and a taut trampoline of a bassline. It’s a drum track, a tool, if you will, but Venegas and Allendes’ unusual rhythmic flair pulls more than its own weight. Once again, the rhythm is an electrifying mixture of acoustic percussion, analog slap and hiss, and psychoacoustic effects, w

CADENZA40 in the media

2000 and One: “Dreamy stuff Liovizna, i like they vocals aswell.Parrot plot is nice n groovin too! PHATT!!!”

Akufen (Musique Risquée): “Very mature and solid release. Melodic with long breaks just the way I like it. ”

Alejandro Vivanco (Cadenza):: “Amigos finnaly your e.p. !!! i was waiting for this jeje ”

Alex Picone (Cadenza): “liovizna my preferite track...”

Anja Schneider (Mobilee): “Really like it will play !”

Anthony Collins: “Heavy release hit release i would say ”

Dani Casarano: “Full support llovizna is the one”

Danny Fiddo (Baracca): “All our support for one of best eps of the year congratulations!!!!!!! AFFTK & Danny Fiddo ”

Dennis Ferrer (Obektivity): “Llovizna.... The rain is hot! ”

DJ Mag (U.K.):: “AMAZING REALEASE gorgeous percussive treats ”

DJ Sneak: “Loving the latinism happening all over these traxx, i will play them out proudly. ”

Dubfire: “Sublime ! ”

Francis Harris (adultnapper):: “Really great soulful grooves on this release. Although there is a lot of this style out there right now, this ep stands out. Feels like real music to me. lots of soul and feeling. Thanks..”

Frivolous: “ Wow, impressive rhythms! ”

Funzion: “Llovizna is the most interesting here... Quite nice... But i have to say that it reminds me too much the Harissa by loco dice... ”

Gavin Herlihy: “Llovizna is magical!t my favourite cadenza track for awhile ”

George Morel: “Loving all the versions. KEEP THEM COMING PLEASE. I will be playing them during my sets and radio shows. Respect!!!!! ”

Glimpse (Planet e): “Nice tracks thanks. . Really love Llovizna and Los Navergantes ”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “nice tracks again from my mates felipe and francisco. love the a-side. ”

Laurent Garnier: “Love the Llovizna. Looovely !”

Loco Dice: “YO”

Loco Dice (Desolat, Cadenza): “Good !!”

Luke Solomon: “Solid ep...liking parrot plot a lot x ”

M.A.N.D.Y (Get Phisycal): “got Llovizna track a while back and play it out since. seems superchilled, but has a great effect on the floor. well done! ”

Marco Carola: “nice groove :) ”

Margaret Dygas (Panorama bar): “Los Navegantes ;) ! ”

Martinez: “Parrot Plot is dope & Llovizna is also a beautiful track.. thnx for sending.. ”

Mathias Kaden (Freude am Tanze: “i´m playing both tracks since a while and i´m very proud of felipe and francisco!!thankssss”

Michel Cleis: “very nice ep!!!!”

Mixmag (U.K.): “Very 'Father'-esque but an excellent release nonetheless! ”

Nick Curly (Cécile): “Full support! Like all the tracks”

Pete Tong (BBC): “Cadenza on fire right now and this forst track is the best so far ”

Posivision magazine (Tokyo):: “A - Llovizna : stick to one's mind, perfect, sounds really cool. B - Parrot Plot : so funny & tribal work, best for open air!! Digital Bonus - Los Navegantes : groovy!! so nice! ”

Radio Slave (Rekids): “Super dope ep... Will play them all and chart in august”

Salvatore Freda (Freerange):: “I like the vibe on llovizina! Play, thanx ! ;) ”

Sascha Dive (Deep Vibes):: “Cadenza always nice.”

Seuil: “Llovizna is really nice..thx ”

Stefan Goldmann (Macro): “Will play this a lot.”

Tedd Patterson (Cielo-NYC):: “Amazing record! ”

The Martinez Brothers (Objekti: “Dope Release! ”

Timo Maas: “Llovinza is very good - have forwarded to to Timo Maas and Dave Seaman, thanks Steve Parry (SMP3 Music Management) ”

Tobi Neumann (Cocoon): “i use this record on my new dj-mix cd for cocoon. more compliment is not possible.. thanks for the music, t”

Trax magazine (FR):: “i like it!”

Tsugi magazine(FR):: “Nice and sunny”

Will Saul (Simple records):: “Lovely dynamic grooves and heat warming melodies. Full support on this one from me. Los Navegantes is the pick here for me. ”

Woody: “YES, full support!!! thanks, w. ”

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