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It’s always a special event when Cadenza releases an artist album, given their relative rarity. In fact, not counting copious doublepacks, the Cadenza Contemporary 01 mix CD, and Ricardo Villalobos’ counterintuitively titled Achso EP, there has only been one so far: Los Updates’ First If You Please. Making things even more special, Mirko Loko’s Seventynine is both his debut solo album and his first appearance on Cadenza, all adding up to a triply celebratory moment. Not that Mirko is a newcomer: as part of Lazy Fat People, he lapped up accolades for releases on Border Community, Wagon Repair and Carl Craig’s Planet E, among others. And no one can forget last year’s Family EP, a collaborative effort by Mirko and Luciano, released on Loco Dice and Martin Buttrich’s Desolat. Now, with Seventynine, Mirko takes us even deeper into his musical imagination, introducing listeners to a side of him they may not have heard before. At its heart, the album celebrates the communal ideal of dance music with spirited, percussive tracks offering a clear distillation of what could only be described as the Cadenza sound. But Mirko also diverges from the dance floor, ducking into shadowy corners in search of more private emotions. Rather than scattering energy, that tension between moods helps bind the album into a potent, coherent whole. “Sidonia” opens, immediately announcing that this won’t be merely business as usual. With its groaning sub-bass and flickering percussive flashes, the track echoes the dubby, drifting melancholy of classic Warp records-always, in truth, a key influence for Cadenza. Bells and voices lend an atmosphere of shimmering energy that’s carried over into “Around the Angel,” which sails jubilantly forward, propelled by intricate polyrhythms and uplifting female vocals. “Love Harmonic” returns its attention to a classic, melodic sound inspired equally by Detroit and Sheffield, as lean drum-machine patterns entwine with loping congas, and lush strings color ever

CADCD05 in the media

2000&One: “Great Album!!!! Been slammin Los Ninos de Fuera and Conspirer for a few months now!!! Luciano realy shows his multiple talents and musical skils. So soulfull and a truely nice ambient atmosphere. best album this year so far for me. thx alot. ”

Anthony Collins: “Amazing beats !!!! Loving metodisme especialy !!!!! ”

Cesar Merveille: “Great Album, was really looking forward to it and i love the diversity of the tracks. 5 stars! ”

Cesar Merveille: “ Great Album, was really looking forward to it and i love the diversity of the tracks. 5 stars!Thanks”

D'Julz: “Superb lp sun day and night, hang for bruno, conspirer, oenologue are my picks ”

Damian Lazarus: “Loving the Martina Topley-Bird track!!! ”

Dennis Ferrer: “Los Ninos ~! sh*t's fu*kin' bonkers!! ”

dj Sneak: “Excellent selection, very diverse and fresh. ”

Dyed Soundorom: “Just want to listen to it and close my eyes.... again & again...a piece of gold... ”

François K: “Lots of fabulous highlights in there, certainly 'Los Ninos De Fuera', 'Celestial' as well as 'Conspirer', and 'Metodisma'... hard to pick a favorite, actually. Overall a very, very strong album that will bear to repeated play and listening. Thanks FK”

George Morel: “LOVING LUCIANO's WORK!!!!!! I will be playing all of the tracks/songs until the sun burns out.... ”

Glimpse: “This is even more amazing than I expected. Great work thanks xx ”

Guy Gerber: “Fantastic achievement.really really love it. ”

Laurent Garnier: “What i love about Luciano is that he is always different .....this is great Will play of course GREAT WORK ”

Loco Dice: “Respect for this Great Album The Best !”

Marc Antona: “Great as expected :) Conspirer monster track ! And love the groove of Metodisma... ”

Matthias Tanzmann: “Congratulations to a beautiful album. very eclectic and very luciano at the same time. i was just listening through and it made my day. :) ”

Nick Curly: “Great one.....really like it!”

Pete Tong: “The perfect present for the end of the summer!”

radio slave: “Beautiful lp....Gonna take a listen in studio this afternoon... many many thanx x ”

Raresh: “Super album .. Celestial & Conspirer blows me away :) ”

Sascha Dive: “Great !!!”

Sierra Sam: “How can i chose a favourite track ??? Luciano delivers here a master piece (once again )”

Sierra Sam: “How can i chose a favourite track ??? Luciano delivers here a master piece (once again ) ”

SIS: “Bomb !”

Stacey Pullen: “Very ethnic with good rhythm tracks. full support! ”

Tedd Patterson: “There are quite a few gems here and I cant wait to hear what you'll serve up as remixes! The opening track, "Africa Sweat", "Conspirer" and Methodisma are immediate favorites. Magnificent album.”

Tiefschwarz: “thanks a lot for this beautiful present”

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