John Shananigans

“The Man With One Blue Shoe”

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LabelCircus CompanyCat. No.CCS040
FormatEXCL12"GOrders fromWed, 12 Aug 2009
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It’s been three years since we’ve heard anything from John Shananigans, fueling a rising tide of speculation and rumor. A blogger in Bozeman, Montana writes of hearing a familiar swung rhythm ("taka-taka taka-taka taka-taka “grunt") wafting from the kitchen of a truck-stop diner; when he abandoned his chicken-fried steak and went to investigate, however, the kitchen was empty save for two clues: an enormous kettle buzzing and vibrating, as though still humming from the shocks of some unknown drummer-and a lone blue shoe. From Tierra del Fuego comes another report, this time from a trekking guide who discovered a curiously symmetrical set of markings on a fallen tree. They were clearly made by beavers, but later laboratory analysis showed them to be the precise rendering of a 16th-note hi-hat/snare/handclap pattern. Nearby mudflats preserved a lone set of footprints: one bare, the other apparently shod in some kind of athletic footwear. Finally, a participant on a Survivor-style reality show recounts a similar story. (Titled Bora Bora Botox, the program forced cast members to devise homeopathic cosmetic enhancements from jungle ingredients; it was canceled after one woman lost her nose to flesh-eating spiders.) Court documents attest that while rappelling down a mossy canyon, another participant, identified only as Jane Doe, heard what sounded like jazz rhythms being pounded out on coconut halves, followed by ecstatic moans and a regular slapping sound. As she pierced the forest canopy, a flash of blue caught her eye, revealing what appeared to be two exceptionally hirsute hominids, one spanking the other. Which brings us to The Man With One Blue Shoe. Not long ago, a mysterious package turned up in Circus Company’s Paris offices. It contained only a CDR scrawled with two titles: “Bounce the Blue” and “One Blue Shoe.” The former was a shuddering, jerking, rollicking beast of a track, driven forward by an insistent walking bassline and overlaid with strange, proto-mu

CCS040 in the media

Berlin Mitte Institut / Fresh: “schöne groovige, deepe tracks. sehr nice.”

Adultnapper: “Slamming ep. All three trax are in the box. Great innovative jams. really refreshing”

Alex Dallas (Drumpoet Communit: “YES, Circus is still on top form. Love it! ”

Ali Schwarz (Tiefschwarz): “interresting as always, merci beaucoup, x ali ”

Anja Schneider (mobilee): “Bounce The Blues does it for me ! Great ”

Bigshot Magazine: “Famed with the ultra funk driven style of today’s modern minimalism, this practitioner arrives with his most up to date release thus far. Pounding ahead with a steady 808 kick, the shuffled hi-hat/snare/clap rhythms sewn over 8 bars just makes your feet stomp and your head bob. Paired with a subterranean bassline build for the big system, this installation needs to be heard. ”

Carsten Klemann: “Solid release! ”

dOP (Circus Company):: “One more amazing release from circus !! but who is mister shananigans on the cover ? the one on his nees, or the other one ? is he irish ? ”

Ernesto Ferreyra (Cadenza):: “Amazing release! 3 tracks of pure futuristic sonic funk! is that Mr. Shanannigans spanking the monkey?? Artwork is hilarious ”

Gavin Herlihy (Cadenza):: “Quirky, weird and wonderful! One Blue Shoe is my pick here. Love the daft promo also btw.. ”

Giles Smith (secretsundaze): “Solid tracks and great production but not smooth enough for me, ”

Groove magazine (D):: “Super edgy house! thanx to the circus! ”

Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts: “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH GOD DAMN LORD! Watch out for the man with the blue bomb... ”

IDJ Magazine: “An absolute belter of a release - it's Mike Shannon through and through (not that I will ruin the mystery in the review!) - lots of funk, those great techy flourishes and pure body pumping material! Good job as ever :)”

John Tejada: “Nice ep. great cover as usual. one blue shoe is my fav. ”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “great tracks again on ccs. my favorite is the a-side track.”

Loco Dice (Desolat): “Bounce the Blues is my Fave !!”

Luciano: “PLAYED !!! ”

Mathias Kaden (Freude am Tanze: “special sound like always on circus!!!thanksss”

Mixmag (U.K.):: “A really interesting and innovative release. I like all three tracks here. ”

Nick Höppner (MyMy):: “Yes, super swung out funk. Always loved "Charly's on the dancefloor". This is hot on the heels... ”

Nikola Baytala [KONTROL]: “One Blue Shoe for me maybe one for you! ”

Philipp (MANDY):: “Salut! j'ai bien les deux morceaux. je vais les jouer a surement! chapeau!! ph ”

Posivision magazine (Tokyo): “Bounce the Blues feat. Skat Man Doo : too far out! One Blue Shoe : sounds cool! Bounce the Blues - Dub : Tpugh, nice twisted groove work. Thank you. ”

Proud Magazine: “is there any circus company that doesn't fit my taste? i dont think so. once again a sure shot without any shenanigans. ”

Riva Star: “One Blue Shoe is my FAV! thanx RS ”

Sebo k (mobilee):: “Great swinging trax! full support from me. ”

Seuil: “Great package, like all tracks, some great swingy shit..thx ”

Sierra Sam (tuningspork): “Hard to choose a favourite strong release ”

Solomun (diynamic): “yeah!! ”

Sonja Moonear (JunctionSM):: “Yes, what a joke having to use so many nicknames to be able to throw so many little bombs at the same time. coming from one single little kanak? nobody would believe it! ”

Will Saul:: “Totally fresh vibes form CC. Will play all of them. ”

Willie Graff (Circus Company):: “Nice fusion of sounds.Good too hear something different.As always ,cool shit from Circus Company.Bounce the blues vox is the one for me. Besos, W ”

Woody: “i like this, sure in my case! ”

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