Al Usher

“Lullaby For Robert, Prins Thomas Remix!”

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So the story goes: A few years ago I played a cool underground party in Stockholm with my good friend and crazy record collector Mark Seven. Early on that night Mark played me this beautiful and melancholic piece of music. Mark happily handed me his spare copy and my record collection for a second felt a little more complete… Originally released as a b-side track to Al’s Slipshod EP on Out of the loop the track continued to mesmerize whenever I played it and the fact that so many people loved it and equally as many didn’t know the record I though a re-release could be a great idea. It’s inclusion on Gerd Janson’s recent Sonar Kollektiv compilation and the fact that it’s been played by legendary DJ Harvey ( “O Bearded one” as he’s known to by the initiated)has obviously helped to spread it’s fame to. The previously issued part 1 with the original and Bogdan Irkük remixes has gone down a storm with all the cool movers and shakers… oh yeah baby. Now it’s time for the last chapter with equally mindboggling Gatto Fritto remix, Mark Seven’s “version” and my own just plain silly rework. Toodle oooo, Thomas(Oslo, 7th of august 2009)

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