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The tension in John Carpenter’s horror classic The Thing is generated by not knowing which member of the doomed arctic research team has been taken over by the shape shifting alien and exactly when it’s going to break out and reap havoc. In a similar vein listening to Gaiser’s sure shot collection of dancefloor burners creates the same feelings of suspense and intrigue. Initially we’re presented with a familiar battery of sounds and effects – harsh, angular snares, rolling sub bass lines, chattering bird like percussion and twisted, cut-up vocal snippets that together make up his unmistakeable style, but as the drama unfolds you can never quite tell where the attack will come from and which sound will suddenly loom up large or morph out beyond recognition. These four new cuts combine for over 30 minutes of pulsating peak time pressure and the title track Pullpush gets straight down to business without frills or fuss. The looping groove and tight elastic bass pattern set the scene for reflective reverbs and pitch bends to tease and tear at each new element. Film samples burst through the beats leaving trails and echoes before crystallising into more lucid phrases as the high-end tom pattern tops off a typically breathless workout. The squelchy FX that enhance the rhythm section then introduce a more pensive, frozen state during the lead-out as hollow, ghostly pads cradle back and forth across the stereo field. Oolooloo implements a deep, tonal bassline kept in check by a crunchy lofi snare. Jittery percussive sequences scatter across the dancefloor but this time it’s the tactile bassline that starts to morph and mutate, dovetailing with urgent rhythmic sequences that could shake the dead back to life. Pitched down, metallic vocals offer a point of focus as the bass patch gradually unfurls, until it’s billowing recklessly from the speakers and suddenly it’s as if we’ve been cut adrift in a static sea. The temperature momentarily drops before the warm glow returns, ban

MINUS81 in the media

Core Magazine by Mark: “Gaiser has always been one of the least ‘minimal’ artists on the Minus roster, and always manages to keep an open eye on the dancefloor, while keeping within the ethos of this legendary label. His signature sound his spread across two tracks on vinyl, with a further couple thrown in for the digital DJ’s, and the record really does not disappoint for those that like their techno groovy as fuck, but not too offensive. Head straight to ‘Mfnstmp’ which is like nothing you’ll have heard before as Gaiser shows us into the deepest depths of his creative mind with a simple, yet ever so effective bassline bubbling away below a succession of psychedelic tinged highs, riding the groove like a succession of award winning equestrians! K1”

Gregor Tresher: “Amazing release, I like it a lot.”

Isaac | Micron Club UK: “Gaiser's new EP is awesome, love every track! Especially Oolooloo. It can only be described as robotic sleaze groove. That WILL get played! Nice one Gaiser!”

Johan Nilsson | “Excellent and groovy stuff! All tracks supported in our Minimal Channel”

Josh Wink: “only one tugging at me is Semaphore. It's a good ep. Just Semaphore is something I would play most of the other 3...”

Laurent Garnier: “Really love track 2 - will play this bouncy number for sure”

Luis Bonias: “Gaiser dancefllor attack...Olooolooo...favourite 8/10 and radio plays”

Riyaz Khan | Diversion Radio T: “Very cool release. All tracks work for me. My fave is Oolooloo with its bassline and eerie distorted vocals - will support”

Steve Parry for Timo Maas: “very cool stuff, have forwarded to Timo”

xpansul: “Good stuff for sure. Will play”

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