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“Five Part One”

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RC019 in the media

2000 and One: “"nice compilation!!! :)"”

Agnes: “"Smashing materials here ! really on the youANDme cut !!! 5/5 Points" ”

Axel Bartsch: “"marcos track is good but flinsch "lichtgeister" is awesom and will definitly be one of my favorites for the next months. love it!" ”

Benna Schneider: “Nice Label Compi! My winners are Fürstenberg, Mod.Civil and Larsson. Also Holger Flitsch..s track makes sesne to me in the Extended Version. Hopefully RC will be there for the next 5 years!"Men In Trees (Audio Parish): "Wow. What a package! YouANDme / Brom / Larsson are the winners. Will play it for sure :)”

Daniel Dreier: “i like "tatuet" and "you know"!!!”

David August: “coool stuff!! my fav: youandme / larsson / mark broom !”

David Keno: “wow. nice compilation. my favourites are mod.civil, dreher&smart, larsson”

De:Bug Magazin: “5 Jahre Rotary und alle sind dabei: Marko Fürstenberg, Mod.Civil, Holger Flinsch, Dreher & Smart, youANDme, Mark Broom, Larsson und Mr. Statik. Und fast durch die Bank hinweg super. Aber der eigentliche Killer kommt von Holger Flinsch. Ein erfrischender Trancetrack, der Trance noch als Zustand kennt und nichts mit getriggerten Flächen zu tun hat. Simpel gehalten und einfach wunderschön hypnotisch. Ebenso Mod Civil. Die beiden Leipziger wissen einfach, wie sie Wärme in den Dub bringen. Fürstenberg bastelt eifrig weiter an seinem Trademarksound und Mark Broom bringt die Party in den House zurück (hittig). Die nötige Deepness steuern Dreher und Smart bei, während es Larsson ordentlich nach vorne zieht. Sehr gelungene Compilation mit ein paar Hammertracks drin.”

Electric Indigo: “"i like youandme's you know best and will play it. mr. statik's track is pretty weird... that's why i like it too :)" ”

Ellen Allien: “"some coolio tracks... thanks.e"”

Florian Meindl: “"very nice compilation - i really like: compress, you know and let's get down!" ”

Franck Roger: “ "great release, realy diggin the "you know" track !" ”

Gruber & Nürnberg: “Really nice sampler! My favorites are Larsson - nice groover, youANDme and the awesome track from Holger Flinsch!!! Thanks, I 'll play these tracks for sure!”

GusGus: “"youANDme - you know is the one! president bongo" ”

Hot Chip: “"Love the Mark Broom & youANDme tracks, great collection! 5/5"”

jens bond: “5/5 points. great compilation!!! dreher&smart, mark broom& mr.larsson are in my case!!!!thanks for it....”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “part one is good. ”

Kleinschmager Audio: “great ep! specially markos track and the dreher&smart track”

Lauhaus: “"mark broom delivers again! will play."”

Laurent Garnier: “"some really goooood stuff in there! Will play of course!" ”

Magazine - OurHouse: “Great album to celebrate Rotary Cocktail's 5th birthday..... Many happy returns to all at Rotary Cocktail, keep going strong :) 5/5”

Marc Antona: “Great fresh sound. Lot's of good refreshing stuff in this compilation :)”

Markus Fix: “"will try... great tracks!" ”

Martin Eyerer: “"3 oder 4 echt fette Teile!auf jeden Fall dabei: Dreher und Smart" ”

Matt Star: “"nette Compilation...meine favourites: Dreher&Smart - Guten Morgen Larsson - Tomatoew Plantage" ”

Mihalis Safras: “"ohh yes!!! the broomies shizles !!! loving that release! will chart!!" ”

Osunlade: “solid project! makes me wanna do a mix cd of just these tunes! good work. thnx!”

Patrick Zigon: “Great compi - will play for sure!”

Paulo Olarte: “this compilation is superb!!”

Phonique: “"dreher & smart ist toll!" ”

Pig & Dan: “"Amazing cant wait to play this at the right time. Special!!! 5/5" ”

Radio - Triangle Fm: “Perfect : a marvelous & very good selection. FULL SUPPORT !!!”

Richie Hawtin: “"nice one!"”

Sian: “ "nice, will check now..." ”

Simon Beeston: “Sounds amazing so far! Loving the Larrson, Mark Broom, Marko Fürstenberg, Holger Flinsch... but they all have wicked dancefloor potential. Big time support.”

Tini: “niiiiiiiiicee. thnx”

Todd Bodine: “"Very nice compilation! I will play few tracks from it. Great work." ”

Tom Clark: “"great compilation ! a lot of nice tracks to play out . favourites are youandme, mark broom, marko fürstenberg, mr. statik!" ”

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