Falko Brocksieper

“Welcome To Wherever You Are”

TREIB089 scanZoom inLabelTreibstoff
Cat. No.TREIB089
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He’s back! Falko Brocksieper, one of the most influential artists on Treibstoff alongside René Breitbarth, returns to the label he helped shaping from its very beginnings. And he surprises us with unforeseen playfulness on the three winning tracks comprising this custom-made release. „Wherever You Are“ for example sits on both sides of the fence, fusing traditional technofuturism with thrillingly tight sequences that keep on peaking, incessantly propelled forwards by Falko’s very own trademark swing. Equally at ease with its roots seems to be „The First Ones“, the track where Falko lets the machines sing as if he were the reincarnation of one Bobby Konders.The secret masterpiece however comes with „Nevermind“, for which the producer descends to the basement, looking for the deepest sounds he can take hold of. Romantic static meets marvellous chords, sustained by succulent rhythms, but the true moment of hotness arrives with the vocals. These vocals are so divine that even Treibstoff’s marketing personnel misses the words to describe them in a suitable manner. Lets’s put it like this: it’s a must-have, straight from Treibstoff to your heart.

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