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“Lemon Juice Ep”

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Paco Osuna proves once again that hes in a league of his own when it comes to serving up futuristic nuggets of southern fried techno. It really is anything but minimal these days as layer upon layer of rich textures combine, guaranteeing maximum overdrive. And its not only the choice and combination of sounds, or the full-on partyvibe Paco instinctively achieves that drive this EP higher, the clarity and warmth of the mixdowns add a 3 dimensional quality, enhancing the all round listening experience. To prove the point, Party in Chicago lets the good times roll, with its massive, samba-esque bassline, avalanches of analogue EFX, loose drum crescendos and memorable vocal samples. The track alternates between black run sequences, huge build-ups and intense, reverb drenched breakdowns to deliver some heart in the mouth moments - just light the fuse and watch this one burn. With a twisted dialogue taking place between the morphing electro toms and more sliced up vocals, Looking For (v2) makes another powerful dancefloor statement. Packed with deep, resonating tones, washes of static, clipped reverbs and sudden changes in atmospheric pressure Paco takes care of business unerringly, juxtaposing a vast array of percussive elements that fill every conceivable space. During the breakdown the tsunami-like main riff surges to new heights while the outro second-guesses the crowd with subtle shifts in rhythm. My Friend sets the B-side in motion with an understated intro rising from the depths. More cut-up vocals pitch up and down before an unexpected, premature breakdown focuses the mind with a barrage of snare rolls. Another masterful separation of sound is on display with ride cymbals, passing pads, hand claps all jostling for position, leading the track in ever decreasing circles until everything suddenly returns in one all encompassing crescendo. However, its the frenzied, solo drumming beating out tough, improvised rhythms over the surface that supplies the lifeblood of

PLUS8106 in the media

Alexi Delano: “i'm a big fan of this E.P. Paco has outdone him self. :-)”

Ian Pooley (Pooled): “We gonna party like it's Chicago ! Very good E.P. , will play "What's up" !”

Ivan Smagghe: “sorry for not being the best at feedbacking... but when i feel something, or like something enough, i will make the effort. especially in this case. I must admit that M-Nus has been CONSTANTLY SURPRISING me for the last few months. If I can be honest, most of m-nus releases were not to my taste up to these days. Not a quality judgement, just a matter of taste... But... so is it me changing or you guys? probably a bit of both. and we meet WHERE THE FUNK AND THE GROOVE STILL MATTER, cold or not, minimal or not, electronic or not... "In those sad days of bongo conformism, cheap ethnic samples, Strictly Rhythm vocal snippets, loops without soul and general 8bit gloom, it gives me hope/strength to hear that you still carry the flag of deep electronics". I wrote those words for Dixon this morning. Guess what, they absolutely suit m-nus at the moment. From this Osuna release to the amazing Gaiser last 12", from Jimmy Edgard to my fave Click Box, YOU ABSOLUTELY RULE. Had to be said. Really. Hope you will not let me down, but I doubt it...”

Jacob Huxley: “Tres bien! Pulse Radio Support!.”

Johan Nilsson | “Great bumping release. Found all the tracks very much to my liking and will support them in our Minimal Channel”

Laurent Garnier: “will play the "Chicago" track”

Luis Bonias Bias: “here you have my reaction from Lemon Juice by Paco Osuna Paco favs My Friend and Party in Chicago...full support and radio plays..”

Riyaz Khan | DIVERSIONS radio: “WOW! Top notch production on this tracks - the whole EP has a decidedly cohesive flow as all tracks grab you with their intricate, quirky, off kilter eclectic style yet still manage to get you to groove - PARTY IN CHICAGO is my fave”

Sebo K: “Thanks for the link. exceelent release! full support”

Steve Parry for Timo Maas: “cool tracks have forwarded to timo maas”

Tobi Neumann: “I like the new Paco tracks. "Lemon Juice" Thanks for the vinyl! "party in chicago" & "my friends" are my favorites.. Please release more real Techno again! We need it urgently”

xpansul: “Paco rules!! This is a great EP. Thanks a lot”

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