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“Deep As Hell Ep” | “Pezzner Rework”

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The 50th release for any label is an auspicious occasion but the 50th release for Berlin based Einmaleins Musik is made all the more important when looking at the wealth of artists it has helped develop over the years. Remute, Pan-Pot, SweetnCandy, Mark Henning, Der Schmeisser & Dilo are just a few of immense talents to have graced the imprint and it continues to be a springboard for real quality.Rising house music star Chris Lattner is the artist in which the half-century celebrations are focused, with his “Deep as Hell” EP providing two original cuts and a sterling remix from Pezzner (Freerange / OM Records) - and doing so in fine style. “9 Minutes of House” takes the A-side and, as the title suggests, is a 9:05 minute peak time houser with an infections groove. Filtered vocal hits, loose shakers and chord stabs create a rhythm above a bottom heavy stomp, with carefully placed drops and builds creating immense tension throughout. The B-side is populated with both the original and Pezzner remix of “Deep As Hell", the perfect counterpoint to “9 minutes of House". In it’s original form, it’s a low slung, clap driven rumbler which builds slowly and steadily around elastic chords and looped percussion. Pezzner takes things even deeper, proving why he’s one of the hottest names in house right now. Bass heavy and moody, his interpretation is a sub-aquatic feel with sounds slowly emerging out of the low end fuzz - this is serious deep house.So, a worthy 50th for Einmaleins and yet another winner for ascendant star Chris Lattner - raise a glass !!!

EINMALEINS050 in the media

2000 and One: “9 minutes house is funky as hel!”

Bloody Mary: “Deep as hell .. Chris great great job !!!! will play it for sure :)”

Brett Johnson: “Pezzner mix is the one for me here... will support.”

Cesar Merveille: “Very nice release,i like especially the 9min house and the pezzner rework but will try all of them. Thanks!”

Dan Drastic: “Great shit as always. espenhain rules..”

Ellen Allien: “deep is hell .....super..............”

Franklin De Costa: “Awesome Pezzner remix !!!!!”

Gruber & Nürnberg: “Two nice tracks from Mr. Lattner! I love his stuff! Play both tracks...full support!!!! ”

Jacob Husley: “9 min house is very nice work!”

Jimpster (Freerange): “9 minutes House sounds like it could be very handy indeed. yeah, great groove and sure to work nicely in da club.”

Kabale Und Liebe: “9 minutes is the one for me.”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “10 min is the one that rocks me.”

Magazin - Proud // Till Kolter: “Yet another perfect HouseTech tool. Will go rockets.”

Magazine - Dance Club Portugal: “9 minute house!!!! Wow !!!”

Magazine - Tsugi Mag: “A BIG “YES” !!!”

Markus Kavka: “Sehr fluffig, so muss house anno 2009 klingen. und tiefe hat es noch dazu, da ist also der titel programm. finde den pezzner rework auch extrem gelungen.”

Matt Star: “9 miutes house for me !!!”

Mihai Popoviciu: “I'm feeling the 9 min house. it's a cool mover!!!”

Nick Curly (Cecille): “like my case”

Patrick Chardronnet: “Deep as hell i like !!!”

Radio - Diversions: “9 MINUTES HOUSE is a real groovy number !!!”

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent: “Very good house & techouse release, good sound, good groove, GREAT STUFF !!! Support.”

Radio E-Volution / Tim Jones: “Deep as hell Pezzner Rework is a really good atmospheric track. Will play it in my show!”

Robert Dietz: “Nice ep from mr. lattner! both originals are sweet...”

Russ Gabriel: “Functional clubtool”

Shur-I-Kan: “Good release, solid mixes all round thanks!”

Stacey Pullen: “9 Minutes House is my favourite !!”

The Mountain People:: “Have played 9 minutes house a few times, now i am downloading the mastered version here, cheers!”

Todd Bodine: “Deep As Hell" is the one for me. Great tune. I will play it.”

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