Martin Landsky

“We Are Streaking”

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After Martin Landsky‘s last bomb on Poker Flat, ‚Man High‘, he comes back faithfully with ‚We Are Streaking‘, a tasty twotracker (backed up by an equally tempting digital exclusive) rich in classic Landsky synth-work, deep moody melodies and forward pushing energies throughout. Title track ‚We Are Streaking‘ sends a warm pulsing sonic charge right to the core. Rushing, phasing and casually dramatic, an insistent synth theme revolves at the heart of this timeless slice of driving electronic house. Characterised by Landsky‘s experienced produciton hands at the controls, its a slow tweaking, extended cut that will take you back whilst keeping your body very much in the here and now. The sharp post-electro swagger of ‚Personal Decay‘ punches in time to the heartbeat of a generation. Taking inspiration from those adrenal, early days of rave, Landsky combines modern, fi nely tuned electronics with raw, dubbed and funked passages of killer proportions. Once again a perfect driver, in classic style Martin shows off all angles of his love for the beat. Tracklist: A: We Are Streaking B: Personal Decay

PFR108 in the media

Adultnapper (Audiomatique): “We wait and wait for the next Landksy track and then it comes and we realize why we had to wait so long. Always a bomb! Step above the rest... 5/5 ”

Alland Byallo: “Classic! Nice teched out funk! Will play often! ”

Audio Soul Project (Fresh Meat: “Both tracks are classy but for my set I imagine We Are Streaking will work the magic; just the right mix of drive and depth. 4/5 ”

C-Rock (Motorcitysoul): “The Lands is back! Heavy, double a-sider 5/5”

Chloe (Kill The DJ): “excellent music!!!! 4/5 ”

Chopstick (Baalsaal): “got it already.. love it! been playing it ever since!! 5/5 ”

David Durango (Dessous): “nice! the digital bonus is the one for me 4/5 ”

G.Digger (Wordandsound): “KRASSGEIL ! ALLE BEIDE ! 5/5 ”

Gregor Tresher (Break New Soil: “Great tracks, quality stuff as expected! The bonus track sounds ace! 5/5 ”

Gruber & Nürnberg (Liebe*Detai: “"We're streaking" is the one for us. Nice warm and groovy track! Big support! ”

James Flavour (Dirt Crew): “two really good tracks from martin. again! 4/5 ”

John Tejada (Palette): “playing them. killer stuff. 5/5”

Justin Martin (Buzzin Fly): “dopeness! 5/5”

Karotte (Cocoon: “yeah martin is back. love booth tracks. support. 4/5”

Laurent Garnier (F Com): “super funky groove Will play this a lot 4/5 ”

Lele Sacchi (Boogie Drama): “It's difficult that Landsky misses the point when at the controls.Really bautiful, effective, dry but emotional pieces of electronic music. I will definitely play both on the radio show, and we are streaking in clubs. 4/5 ”

Marco Resmann (Upon You): “huge release from mr.landsky. full support! 5/5”

Markus Kavka (MTV): “einer seiner besten releases ever. beide tracks haben eine unglaubliche kraft. wer dazu still steht, ist tot. darüberhinaus sind die sounds so smart gesetzt, wie man es selten hört. bin begeistert und hätte bei FAV gerne beide tracks geklickt. 5/5 ”

Mijk Van Dijk (Gigolo): “Heard "We Are Streaking" already on Anja Schneider's show and was hoping to receive the promo soon. Great tune, great production, both tracks are richer in sound than I am used from Martin. very distinctive and truely a step forward in his personal agenda. 5/5 ”

Mike Monday (OM): “I will play both tracks, but I particualrly like Streaking which has a very infectious momentum to it. ”

Mike Vamp (Poker Flat): “martin landsky is kickin my balls with "personal decay". great trax. 5/5 ”

Moodymanc (Dessous): “niceness!!!!! ”

Oliver Huntemann (Confused): “very nice release. i like the mood of both tracks. cool stuff. 4/5 ”

Peter Kruder (Macro): “Supadupa 12". Will play this. 5/5”

Sasse (Moodmusic): “Martin seems to be in top form, all tracks rawks ! 4/5 ”

Shinedoe (100% Pure): “Jammie I like the digital one, thx ”

Simon Flower (Moon Harbour): “We are streaking is a freaking it! 4/5 ”

Solomun: “mann mann mann. wurde aber auch zeit! hammer!!! :) 5/5 ”

Thomas Schumacher: “We my fave of the two... ”

Will Saul (Simple): “It's always a good day when a promo by Martin drops into my in box :) This is no exception to that rule. 2 quality cuts. We Are Streaking is the pick for me. Full support. 4/5”

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