Danton Eeprom / Sierra Sam

“Scoring Only To Be On The Safe Side Ep”

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S i n c e h i s splash onto the electronic music scene in 2005, Londonbased Danton Eeprom has proven himself a major force, having released a string of EPs on several esteemed labels like Freak N Chic and Tsuba in addition to his very own Fondation Records. Danton’s quality productions led to remixes for top-tier names like Röyksopp, Simian Mobile Disco and Little Boots, and he also formed the duo La Horse with Ivan Smagghe. Does this guy even sleep?! Mr. Eeprom made his first Contexterrior appearance earlier this year, providing vocals and extra bits for a track on fellow frenchie Bloody Mary’s Black Pearl album. Now he delivers a new EP. With lead track “There’s Nothing To Be Afraid About Now”, Danton takes the atonality of Varèse or Stravinsky onto the dancefloor for a mishmash of string accents, cats jumping on the piano, and a malfunctioning 808. Then comes the more electro-based “My Life in Parallel”, its commanding fuzzy bassline propelling the energy. Atmospheric drones linger in the high ranges, giving the listener a woozy feeling until – WTF? – a spatter of blues guitar and spiraling sounds come out of nowhere, leaving just as quickly as they entered. If there’s one thing you can expect from Danton Eeprom, it’s unpredictability – even repeated listens offer a bewildering sense of displacement. Following his saxy single “The Swarm” on TuningSpork and remix for Monika Kruse on Terminal M, Sierra Sam is back again with the Mannequin EP. Sam was recently seen on Contexterrior coproducing with Bloody Mary for her Black Pearl album, and on D.I.Y.’s House Tools Vol. 2, but this time he’s flying solo: “Suit Yourself” weaves itself around a clattering pastiche of percussion – from tribal to latin to techy – as the vocal loop “You keep me hangin’…” pops in. A pair of sugary synth chords pulsates around the groove as we hear the singer conclude his thought, “…like a suit that don’t fit too well.” The next track “Phony Man” serves as a moodier counterpart, built

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De:Bug Magazin: “Perkussivminimalvorbildhaft startet "Suit Yourself" und wird dann mit seinen Chords zu einem fast housig swingenden Track, der sich gegen Ende immer kitschiger in seinem Skelett gibt. "Phoney Man" hat einen ähnlichen Zwiespalt zwischen housigem Grundton und linearer Technostruktur, die sich in den überzogenen Hallbreaks nicht wirklich ganz auflöst.”

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