“Youth Speed Trouble Cigarettes Rmxs” | “Radioslave, Reset! Trouble Rmxs!”

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For the second Cassius Records and to carry on with the “Youth Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes” adventure we give you four remixes done by talented producers across europe From Milano Italy… Reset! We met the three kids from reset! in Magazinni Generale while playing, their set was powerfull but also full of respect and influences from hip hop, soul and “dance music” in general, we finished our sets back to back and since this day love them Their “Trouble” mix could have been done by the jb’s if they were still twenty something and into house music… It rocks and never stopsNo use to present the music from Radio Slave, the big difference with a majority of other producers is that we both can recognise his tracks in a few bars only, also in the way it streches to crazy length and takes you in a trance that could have come directly from lagos in 1973 Matt embrace the same philosophy we all cherish at cassius records “the no boundarys way” he’s more than minimal, more than electro more than techno He stripped down “ystc” to the max and his remix played at the good time on a good system is a true chicagoan infused gem Then after chaos… More chaos The subs “juvenile” mix as his name indicate could only be done by someone who is very young or feels very young The subs are from belgium, they’re great producers and good friends. They did this remix wich is so loud, so diverse so out of fashion and so tekno that we could only play it times after times when we received it Analog to death it looks like the synth with so much cables that jeroen uses is about to die between our ear Only on digital here’s the don Diablo mix Don Diablo is another talented and prolific producer, after sending props about “YSTC” he told us he was up to try a mix even “for the love of music"… When can we still hear those kinds of sentence in 2009 ??? We sent him the parts directly and the next day he sent his remix It’s again so different from everything done actually and so different from th

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