Benoit & Sergio

“What I´ve Lost Ep”

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The second release on thesongsays seems to find what we might call “romantic techno” in a happier place. sort of. while bruno pronsato’s ‘the make up the break up’ focused on the darker side of romance, benoit & sergio’s ‘what i’ve lost’ raises a similar question: can we ever be really satisfied? benoit & sergio chose ‘full grown man,’ as the opener. the bravado of the initial vocals–’i need a lady to understand i’m a full grown man’–references the masculine posturing of, say, led zeppelin’s “whole lotta love,” but also calls attention to the vulnerability and neediness of this masculinity. and when we are seduced into drinking a little wine at the track’s midpoint, we realize that this seduction is a mere maneuver to avoid a deeper loneliness. if, lyrically, ‘full grown man’ points to certain emotional complexities, so, too, does the music: somber synth lines overlay short, brassy stabs, as the intricate sequencing shifts its moods like so many teenage boys. floating atop a bassline befitting galaxie 500 or yo la tengo, ‘what i’ve lost’ is too beautiful and moving to confine within the often all too arid or hyper places of dance music. ‘what i’ve lost’ belongs to the dance floor at the end of the night, to the slow dance, to the one who might one day betray you. a remix or two is in order here, right? but how to approach two beautiful tracks like these? we added a very dear friend, insideout, and, of course, the weird-dance magic of bruno pronsato. two very different characters, but two very much in line with thesongsays’ vision of keeping this party romantic. insideout’s digital only remix of “what i’ve lost” extends the longing of the original but maintains the strict and sexy style you know from his Clink releases. and bruno continues his decadent ways on the b-side remix of “what i’ve lost” with a groove that engages in 10 minutes of touche pi-pi.

SONG02 in the media

Giles Smith (secretsundaze): “Really nice quirky techno. Like all the tracks here. a1 has a lovely poppy style with the vocal. Can always rely on Bruno Pronsato to come out with some beautiful, warm trippy journey. ”

philip sherburne: “nice -- always room for more sad pop in my life. and the bruno mix is really something -- absolutely beautiful sound design (that bass!) and cool, meandering structure. ”

Woody (Fumakilla): “nice 12", nice music and nice mood!!”

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