Alexi Delano & Alejandro Sab

“Slipping Through The Cracks Ep”

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Alexi Delano & Plus8 debutant Alejandro Sab’s Slipping Through The Cracks EP is a collection of warm, effervescent techno dominated by phat, subsonic basslines and effects-driven micro melodies. Like all good tunes each track revolves around one or two central themes that roll with the punches as they move through the unpredictable weather systems the duo concoct. Back To One sets the scene perfectly with a cyclical reverse scrape spanning the speakers while an elusive hookline smuggles it’s was into the brain. The gradual build up grips the attention as this fresh, new production partnership slowly tighten the screw, applying incremental reverbs to the wooden percussion as buzzing synth FX swoop ever closer. A strong centrifugal rush dominates the middle section causing the dancer to melt into the groove; the track then briefly slips its skin before regrouping for the lead out. There’s no high drama on offer here, instead it’s all about sustaining the tension as far as is physically possible. Holding Patterns rides in on a wave of tribal deepness, announcing itself with another perfectly structured bass-led groove. The depth of field is occupied by heavy, reverberating creaks and crashes that continually fold in on themselves while distant winds swirl in the darkness. The central motif then emerges, creating a counterpoint to the rumbling bassline, adding an edginess that grows and grows as the rest of the track gradually falls away. Suddenly the bass returns with devastating effect, swamping the dancefloor before the rhythm section picks up the pace again. The pattern is repeated twice thereafter albeit with slightly different combinations and an alternating array of disorientating effects. Alexi and Alejandro demonstrate a deep understanding of what ‘s needed to satisfy the collective dancefloor psyche throughout the EP. Anytime Insight reinforces the fact with it’s patient, stripped down groove leaving plenty of room for the distant, otherworldly FX to transfix

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Feedback: “

DJ’s: Camea

Love this EP !!!.

Luis Bonias Bias

“Here you have my reaction great techno and tech house

release ...full quality as usual in plays ...full support


Ian Pooley

Thanks a lot for this EP , i'll definitely play Anytime Insight & At

the Ar's Club !!"


“Absolutely loving this EP! BACK TO ONE stomps solidly for

7minutes, the techno groove ploughs ahead and would fit nicely

into a deep house set for that crowd pleaser peak!”



Radio: Johan Nilsson |

“Alexi Delano brings it as usual. Full support in our minimal


Riyaz Khan | DIVERSIONS radio, Toronto

"Enjoyed this release immensely - all tracks are solid listeners

full of tension building rhythms, quirky effects and feet moving

grooves - HOLDING PATTERNS is my fave!"

Mike Stukes | Mystic Vybes

“Ruff, rugged and raw....YESSSSSS!.”

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