“Elemental Assets”

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ELEMENTAL ASSETS refers to the essential things in life, to the things which I need to exist. Music is a big part of what’s essential to me, just like the air that I breathe and the love I receive from my loved ones. The titles of the tracks are a reflection of my feelings and experiences of the past two years. For instance: Flirtatious Concubine was produced right after my deeply inspiring booking in Tokyo, whereas Late Night Thinking speaks for itself. Inspirited Away came into life thinking about two producers who really inspired me: Steve Rachmad and John Beltran. A NOVELTY to me was working with singers and I am so much obliged to Miss Kittin and Sam Leigh-Brown for their input in Le Flaneur andHigh Maintenance. They lifted the tracks up in a way I could only have wished for. I would like to give a bit of an explanation of how it came about. The CD consists of tracks produced by myself over the past few years, in which I spent a lot of time enhancing my production techniques and developing my creativity. Some tracks were made in rough times, while others were made under happy circumstances and perhaps you can tell. For me, music is an emotional vent allowing me to express my feelings and freeing me of my restlessness. This makes the album very personal and I am terribly excited to share it with the world and with you. Tracklisting: 01: Intro (1:32) 02: Late Night Thinking (6:52) 03: Passionate Timidity (6:50) 04: Does It Ring A Bell (6:43) 05: Le Flaneur (vocals by Miss Kittin) (6:21) 06: My Challenge (7:18) 07: Flirtatious Concubine (6:59) 08: High Maintenance (vocals by Sam Leigh-Brown) (6:41) 09: Inspirited Away (7:52) 10: Updraft (7:17) 11: Driven (7:21) 12: Margje Hendrika (6:01) Some DJ-Reactions: Laurent Garnier wrote: Lots of great things in there. Will play the hell out of this. Very good work Agoria wrote: That sounds great! Gregor Tresher wrote: Very nice album, Late Night Thinking and Does It Ring A Bell are my favorites. Crai

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