“Suludada Ep”

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NOW WITH A BETTER PRICE! The next installment from the new Beyond imprint is with us…Newcomer Ingo Thomas provides the next installment on Beyond with three very unique, raw and individual tracks on vinyl. The off kilter, deep and detroit inspired ‚Suludada‘ charms and chimes its way down a dusty, richly textured path as the meandering synth themes intertwine and grow throughout 8 and half minutes. Painting a mysterious picture of late night abandon, echoes of dark moody club atmospheres and super deep vibes a plenty, its a really stand out track… and the quality doesn‘t let off here! ‚Sweep‘ is another suitably textural offering that lays down tense atmospheric chords and uplifting synth themes from the very start. Reminding us of some of the very best deep techno from over the decades, thrown into one giant melting pot of quality, inventive production, it makes us wonder if our man Ingo just might be a future electronic music fi gurehead in the making! Closing the record we fi nd ‚Hum Reprise‘, whose dubby stabs, tricky arrangement and bad ass reduction all contribute to another wonderful track. Certainly intended to play loud, this outstanding piece of other worldly electronic entertainment is yet another reason to remember the name Flashnap.

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