Argy, Alexander Ross

“Universal Consciousness 1.1.”

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2009 was a great year for These Days records, and 2010 promises to be even better. The platform stood out for its innovative yet functional club sound and unique artwork concepts. The new year begins with a new split series under the name Universal Consciousness, based on the idea of connection between all things, and that all things have been coordinated, and they combine to make up the same universe. The first part is dedicated to two very different takes on spiritual, cosmic space techno. On the A-side Argy’s “Sometimes I’m blind” generates a long and uplifting emotional climax, which features a solo that will forever stay in your heart. The track was recorded at the end of 2008, and despite numerous offers to release the record elsewhere, nothing was finalised and the recording never saw the light of day. Soon after the birth of his own label, it naturally fit the platform and seemed a perfect way to start the new year. On the flip side, Sheffield born Alexander Ross, brings forth a cavernous techno piece awash with reverberation and spacial echos that brings a driving yet non the less emotionally captivating moment perfectly in balance with the depth of the A-Side.

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Feedback: “

Hernan Cattaneo
"Hey man, Absolutely in love with "Sometimes i'm blind"..will play big time"

Jerome Sydenhman
"This record is FRESH!"

Steve Bug
Sometime he's blind, sometime he's deaf... ; )
this time close your eyes, sit back and relax, feel free to take off with him...
The room is a little too big for me.

2000 and One
Love it!


Argy is the one for me , great tunes - th

Funk D Void
Both tracks rock..

Adam Beyer
Alexander Ross track is the one for me, great depht and space.

Sometimes I'm blind sounds interesting, will try it out.

Joris Voorn
Woohoo, Room is a crazy ass dark techno track!

Joel Mull
Love the emotional ride! Deep and wiggly at the same time!
Music for me!!! Thank you guys.... Full support on both Sometimes ým blind & Room.
Cant wait for the moment when i can play this one out and see people close their eyes.
Thank you for the music

Santiago Salazar
Great release. Will play both sides out.

"New These Days is amazing"

Sometimes I'm blind is the one!! lovely!
Definitely playing this one!

Love the Argy track

Will Saul
Superb single from one of my favorite labels

Amazing track from Argy!! really loving this. looking forward to playing it this weekend.

Anthony Collins
Room is wicked love this

The Martinez Brothers
Td05 is HOT!

Laurent Garnier
Loooove "sometimes imblind " ....will hammer this everywhere

Dj Deep
Excellent!!! Thanks a lot. Dope 12".

I'll play room in a dark big one

Groove/De:bug Magazine
Reviews to follow!

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