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Tartelet Records proudly presents Wareiika : Formation Starting with ep’s for well-known quality labels such as Eskimo Recordings, Future Classic, Liebe/Deatil, Motivbank or Connaisseur, and providing something special for compilations like Satoshi Tomiie’s famous “Renaissance", Wareika’s work has inspired people around the world who like to listen closely. Like Ricardo Villalobos, who contributed a remix to their jazz-meets-techno epos “King’s Child", lately compared to St.Germains greatest moments and recently released on Motivbank. To live up the Danish-German relationship, Hamburg City based Wareika now bring their overview of outstanding musical pieces to Tartelet Records, who already have spreaded some stunning tracks to introduce the Album: “ASCENDING/DESCANDING", a trip to the world of 7/8 rhythms, never the less keeping your feet in movement, and the way-down-to-africa 5/4 groove caravan “BARACUDA", a fish able to swim in the sand. Throughout the album, Jakob Seidensticker, Florian Schirmacher and Henrik Raabe are creating a FORMATION back to back as a band, constantly developing their musical approach.So they picked up some field recordings, or solo piano interludes, or even did special album versions. As well “MEN VILLAGE” in a live version, “ONE NATION” in a special album version, and of course the rare 10 minutes jazzistic improvisation on “RIDER’S ON THE STORM” give this Album the intimate feeling of having an eclectic ensemble playing for you, be it in your living room, or on a festival stage, like the smasher “BURNIN’” implies, that comes with a GusGus remix included. Programmed electronics, human voices and the feeling of touching instruments with your ears mingle in this groove that makes you wanna dance in a circle around a campfire called “FACING THE SUN". This vibe of being alive is now making friends worldwide, and in Radiostations, Blogs, Clubs and Home stereos the band’s language can be understood by anyone who is willing to open up their e

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Feedback: “

Till Von Sein

interesting..what else did i expect..the 3 are always surprising me with great ideas..
my faves are beloning and burning...
big up!


clips sound lovely.. need more time to digest.

Radio - pulseradio.net // Australia

Very nice.



Magazine - Lodown // Forty

Seriously, this actually might be one of the most interesting German bands in 2010...


Interesting music - in writing and production. But i dont think the vocals are good enough for the rest.

Belonging and Ascending/Descending are still the best tracks.

(By the way - didnt u make an error in the tracktitels? Maybe track 2 and 3 are switched?)

Gus Gus

president bongo


simply BEST ALBUM BEST BAND BEST GUYS ..music for the future.

Paul Loraine

Such a stunning album!!!

Tolga Fidan

i love wareika.

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.

Nice EP, I really love it. This album is simple & elegant.
Great Stuff.

Someone Else

i like Barracuda, Facing The Sun, and Belonging.

Magazine - eq-mag.co.uk / Telford

Love everything these guys do & this album is no exception.

Nikola Baytala

Ascending / Descending is very interesting


great album from an amazing team...love it.


big support !!!barracuda , ascending descending ,been playing a lot and the rest really cool to trip and fly . well done

Blog - Resident Advisor


Radio - Roof FM // Bjoern Schaeffner

Riders on the storm, yeah!

Rayo – (Arma17 Kazantip)

Very Fresh look on Classic Riders! Like it )

Valentino Kanzyani

Nice one,

I really liked the single on MotiveBank, I bought it first for Ricardo's remix but end up always playing the original..
Thanks for sending me this album I will use some of the tracks for sure..
Nice package..

Magazin - Mixmag // Ed Karney

Really into this album, especially Barracuda and Burnin. Big support.

Martin Eyerer

men village is my fav!

Michael Rütten

hm, cannot hear anything yet....

Seth Troxler

cool stuff, will def give a try. been playing racing the sun.

William Kouam Djoko

very fresh sounds to get me high.. the song of Facing the Sun tickles me in the right spot and get's me off big time! thanks for the inspiration.


wareika always delivers something nice..this is proof!
love and support from me on this ep

Blog - littlewhiteearbuds.com

Thanks, will make available to reviewers.

Cesar Merveille

Love the album, amazing sounds and grooves will be playing a lot of it for sure! thanks

Florian Meindl

cool listening album! maybe also for some moments in my dj set, especially riders on the storm - nice cover!

Alland Byallo

Facing The Sun and Belonging are amazing! The whole album is definitely something special. Inspired, unique, deep, focused and souful. What more could you ask for?

Magazine - Tsugi Mag

nice album

Audision - Tobias Schmid

i have to dig dieeper in the next days, but my first opinion: could be a great one!!!

Magazine - Posivision mag

Sounds cool;)
Feel good & relax release!!
Love doors, amazing "Riders Of The Storm" !!!!

This release is ART!


I really find this album so boring.. It reminds me of what Luciano is shamely doing since 5 years. Talking huge sample (from good music I give them that..) and then put some badly produced minimal fake congos and all this shit.. I mean.. how'bout actually PLAYING the shit?? with real instruments and make REAL originals???? and if you cant play any instruments.. hire some motherfuckers to do so!!!!!

Laurent Garnier

realy like this ep , will present it on my radio show

Magazine - DE:BUG

review to follow

Mike Monday

From what I've heard on the previews this sounds wonderful. I'll check it properly after dling...

Radio Fritz Nightflight / Andre Langenfeld

riders + burnin !!


Beautifully abstract but groove laden LP from Wareika. particularly loving Burnin which i'm looking forward to playing out.

Justin Field

Amazing ! My favorite artists for the past two years constantly releasing quality grooves .. looking forward to hearing what they have in store for 2010..

Binary & Durden

fantastic album!


Hybrid soulful stuff as I like it... Promising full length!

Anthony Collins

ho yheah this shit is tight

Mickey Zhang

will play it?

Marco Resmann

at first view a pretty nice album debut from wareika. really like the recent releases. to be honest i have no favourite here yet. have to listen to the whole album unhurriedly at home. ;-) thanks marco

Paulo Olarte

perfecto para el jet lag :)

Tommi Anderson /Egg,London

fantastic album!

Chris Carrier

great LP wonderful

Deejay Mutlu (Sender)

Love all of Wareika´s recent stuff. This one makes no excepton. Great album.

Nathan Coles

Very nice indeed! My favorite here is Burnin :o)

Brothers Vibe

Love it - amazing : )

Simon Beeston

Sounds super nice deep and bouncy, will have a closer look. Thanks.

Ramon Tapia

nice album men village is a nice one !!

Don Ramon

some very nice tracks,I like wareika!

Radio - BeatFM Ireland (Darren Rice)

Men Village for me, great track...and maybe Belonging too

The Cheapers

all tracks are great! i love wareika.

JC Freaks

Great Album. Like all tracks. All included. Thanks

Ryan Crosson

Really like Facing the Sun. Was playing it all summer 2009. Burnin and Belonging sound nice as well.

Gruber & Nürnberg

I love the sound of Wareika - what a nice Album! This sound is real and homemade! My favourite is "burnin" what an emotional track - I love to play this track... 10/10


A well done and interesting album! I really like the Doors Rmx.

Dan Drastic

yeah!!! thanks for this. i love it

Magazine - Tsugi Mag

nice production

Gus Gus

amazingly amazing album!
president bongo

Blog - Inputselector.fr

Very nice album! Full Support!

Mihai Popoviciu

very artistic album with some beautiful tracks like "facing the sun", "riders of the storm" and "burnin". mature music and excellent production!

Maik Loewen

Very nice album! Love Facing The Sun Original Mix, Riders Of The Storm and Belonging a lot. Many things to explore...Thanks for this great release :)

Bloody Mary

lovely album !!!

Jürgen Kirsch

cool longplayer, done very well! sure i´ll play some of the tracks! thanks!

Gruber & Nürnberg

I love the sound of Wareika! Really nice album with all what a perfect Album need... burnin' is my favourite - I love to play this track...goosebumps!!!


I had some of the tracks before,love them allnow i got the ful lalbum,youpi
,its elegant,deep,trippy
really nice elements,hard to describe something that good with my poor english
all i can say,thanks for the promo
i love it

DJ Sneak

very interesting music, i will check it all out and play what i can.



What more can I say than, a excellent release!

Brett Johnson

The LP is unique and a very strong effort."Facing the sun" , "Burnin" and "Belonging" will all see my support. Best.

Mickey Zhang

good thanks!

Giuseppe Cennamo

new cool music and sounds! perfect for the after party! my fav man village!

Jeremy P.Caulfield

VERY NICE original thoughtful release ... !

Joris Voorn

Some very nice songs here! Overal very nice album!

DJ: Terry

really interesting..something new ..organic warm sunny and really groovy ..

love it

Angel Molina

too latin for me, thanks anyway for sending!

Hausmann C

oha, eine ordentliche ansmmlung an dacestücken auf dieser cd zu hören!
riders of the storm imit schirmacher vocals, für mich persönlich keine gutre idee, belonging dagegen ein starkes stück - white afrobeat !
insgesamt gut gelungenes wareilka album!


nice and moody grooves!

Electric Indigo

sweet album! i like it's blitheful atmosphere :) men village is my favorite track.


Excellent! wareika surely are very talented people! will chart this for groove mag

Ruede Hagelstein

outstanding music! great!!!

Patrick Zigon

LOOOOVE IT - nothing else to say ;-)

Ramon Tapia

one nation and men village are dope !! support !


Patrick Bateman

Men Village, Burnin and Belonging are my cuts here... Thanks, great album!

David Keno

great album.
i really like these guys... thanks!




wow. i love wareika. great album!!!

Mathias Kaden

wow....just great!!!strong sounds and super idea´s in every song....but this need´s more time to listen as only 10 minutes!!so so great!thanks

F.E.X. – (Robotronic Paris)

so many good tracks here pff i think i will play a lot of them


like your music guys, used to play barracuda already for a while....covering the doors is, hmm....adventurous :-)

Mathias Mesteno

Solid album with both variation and finesse..great! Men village is my fave cut - thnxxx


Burnin is really nice
full support


Great drum works and clever arrangements...Belonging and Facing The Sun are very special, love it ! Thx

Markus Homm

been following wareika for a while and love there quality and details they put in there music. This cd goes in my case and on my ipod. good luck guys

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

well done - nice cross section of styles! Faves include MEN VILLAGE, RIDERS OF THE STORM and FACING THE SUN - will definitely support release


I like it, perfect for some aperitivo set.

DJ Deep

nice tracks, interresting project!

DJ Deep

nice album!

Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu

1/2/6/7 würde ich am 15.2. vorstellen


Downloaded for technasia

Animal Trainer

we love the oriental style of one nation!

Animal Trainer

we love the oriental style of one nation!

Animal Trainer

we love the oriental style of one nation!

Emeline Ginestet / RexClub, Paris

i love it !! great artist !

Timo Maas

barracuda is good


'belonging' is nice


high quality music , will support


Download for M.A.N.D.Y.

Marcus Vector

hard to find my fav!! it s just a complete great album
thx for the music,, will play and chart

Mirko Loko

very nice album!
full support!!

Severin Stickel -Kazantip

i ride in the storm ...cool track

Santiago Salazar

I really like "Barracuda." Nice deepness to it. Will play and chart...

Monika Kruse

Downloaded for Monika Kruse


lovin all! thanx boyz!


support i like it

Magazine (Ibiza Voice) Jean Louis

Cool labum

dirty doering

amazin album. full support.


very very nice album! i was waiting for it in a way. great story-telling in the combination of tracks. great!

Vincent Lemieux

Got the CD. I'm a big Fan of Wareika. Can't wait to see you guys play. Keep up the good work!!

Sierra Sam

amazing release

Richie Hawtin

downloaded for R Hawtin


excellent album!


Wonderful album. Full support!

Benna Schneider

schln zum hören - gefällt.
glecih mal auf den ipod udn dann schaun was ich davon spiele!

2000 And One

i hear lots of good tunes, gonna check them on the dancefloor this weekend thx

Jennifer Cardini

not my cup of tea ..

Renato Cohen

"Facing the Sun" and "Belonging" are really cool!

Raul Gayo (BeCool/Soundworks, BCN)

Amazing album!!!!

I´m gonna play right now ;)

Blog - soundrevolt.com

Sounds very promising, we'll try to review it.

Radio - Raza.fm // Schaffhausen


Dyed Soundorom

fantastic music! superclass! already a big fan of wareika...
full support!
thank you!




great album, nothing more to say!!!

Radio - WRFL 88.1 FM Lexington, Kentucky // Senom

Interesting album!

Claude VonStroke

Downloading for Claude VonStroke, feedback will be coming later.

Claude VonStroke

Downloading for Claude VonStroke, feedback will be coming later.

nice record !!!

Hot Chip

Sounds completely awesome on first listen!

Channel X

nice album

Franklin De Costa

always wondered when finally the album comes from the guys. great! full support.

Chris Liebing

downloading for chris

Jens Bond

really nice album one nation and burnin is the one for me
(my girlfrind loves the riders on the storm edit...;)
thanks a lot

DJ Phly

one nation is absolutely stunning! love the whole album a lot!


belonging is great!



Slam Mode

Intelligent mature album effort...feelin' it!

Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu

Mix von Riders ist gut 8.02.


Out there deepness. Look forward to the chance to play fun stuff like this!


download for my i-pod.


deep atmospheres, prelude is my favourite

Johnny D

Wirklich Fett das Album!!! Sehr schön!!! Aber "Facing the sun" .....man, man,man, ist ja mal der Oberhammer!!! Schon lange nicht mehr so etwas gutes gehört!!! Da bekomme ich pure Gänsehaut.....6 von 5 möglichen Sternen!!!

Onur Ozer

thanks for the music !!!

Radio - Steve Ward, KissFM, AU

dynamite release!

Patrick Chardronnet


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