Adultnapper&mr.c Pres Sycophant Slags

“Keep Off, Reboot, Whignomy Brothers Rmxs”

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A very special partnership indeed occured between NYC‘s Adultnapper and London‘s legendary Mr.C. Entwined in a musical romance that spans the great continents, Sycophant Slags is the outcome of this very special twinning of minds, and ‚Keep Off‘ their latest gift to the world! The release comes complete with 2 huge remixes from Reboot and The Wighnomy Brothers. Prepare for a monster 12‘‘. In its original version ‚Keep Off‘ is a tricky, trippy slice of modern underground house. Tight, clean and superbly produced, the track becomes a vessel for the catchy vocals of Mr.C, who‘s unique fl ow and ‚Sky‘s The Limit‘ refrain lift the track into a stand out cut operating on its own higher level. Clearly a serious bomb from these two, we‘re sure this will be the anthem of many a long night - Sycophant Slags are here and there‘s no point in trying to hide! German hero of our times Reboot re-interprets the track into a brooding, crunchy builder. Trademark Reboot percussion and intricate, loose and inspired phrasing steps this track up into a different groove with its freaky-funky swirling undertones. Its a heavy cut to say the least, and we‘re sure this latest slice of Reboot magic will keep you converted. Also a couple of long-serving and legendary figures, the Wighnomy Brothers shake up the original into a dark, heavy and brooding minimal funk monster. Full of clever edits, cuts and fx, its a true ode to the brothers talents in the studio. Their ‚Detroittobriefl ysort-ulle Remix‘ is really its own beast - making great use of Mr C‘s vocals yet adding their own narrative of freaked out horn sounds, pianos and pumping club ready beats.

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