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The bold and futuristic year of 2010 sees the release of ‚Werkshau‘, an unmixed compilation that gathers together a hand picked selection of the producer‘s favourite cuts. The music stands for all that he loves, and what he loves he puts on show! Summing up the Landsky sound, and looking back over the years one can‘t help but feel a deep underlying quality emanate from the music. Like subtle, mature fl avours running through a well-prepared banquet. This special E.P, capturing three choice tracks from those on offer on the compilaiton, includes some of our favourite Landsky material, re-visited. Firstly the seminal ‚1000 Miles‘ is re-interpreted and brought up-to date, with Landsky‘s ‚2000 Miles‘. A strong driving powerhouse of reduced acid signals and hypnotic synth phrases, its the sound of Martin Landsky, Future, Present and Past. A real deep running story of a track, ‚Naked‘ is rich with thick bass and phasing, tripping chords, running percussion and growing tension that never ends. Fitting to any occassion, the track was originally released on Landsky‘s own Intim Label and sounds as fresh now as the day it was released. Tying things up the taught, tense and grooving tones of ‚Monitor One‘ sail through. This futuristic house cut revolves around a staccato bass hook that drips with Funk, echoing of Landsky‘s DJ history that began before House was ever invented!

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