“Nocturnal Reflection #1”

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A 14 minutes epic track, extatic keyboards, melancholic strings & raw beats…Call it house, techno or what you want, this is an outstanding soulful piece of music written by the electronic chameleon Ripperton. From analog to analog, dedicated to wax lovers.

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RA Mag [Greg Sawyer] : "Epic" is a word overused in a lot of circles, music reviews not least among them. It would be churlish to begrudge Ripperton and his new track that very description, however. To my mind at least, "Nocturnal Reflections" earns it. First—and most obviously of all—there's the length. For a lot of producers, especially those who operate within the house or techno spheres, creating a 14-minute track is a sure sign of one of two things; overindulgence or hopeless naivete. Neither is the case here. "Nocturnal Reflections" seems to evaporate faster than the fleeting scent of an ex-flame's perfume, and leaves just as powerful of a melancholic impression in the minutes that follow. Kicking things off with a simple yet strikingly beautiful chord progression, it makes its way through metallic clanks, off-key percussion and sharp toms, with the kick finally relieving the pressure some three minutes in. And then come the strings: Ripperton sparingly flicks them in and out of the arrangement, underplaying what could have overwhelmed in the hands of a less subtle producer. Ripperton has been responsible for some of the most considered and emotional dance music of recent years. This track, somehow primal and yet exceptionally delicate, is an extended snapshot of him at his thought-provoking best.


John Daly  [Feel Music]  : " It's HUGE!!! Very special track... Will definitely play this tonight, and for a long time I think :) "


October  [Caravan] : " ah man this is AMAZING!!!!!!!  i love it!  proper Chicago vibesadonis, chez damier and ron trent in the HAUS!  awesome vibes man. i love it.  may i please please pretty please request this vinylit will live in my record box forever!;) "


Eric Cloutier [The Bunker | NYC] : "Ripperton again displays his underappreciated talent here. A beautiful early-morning house track, full of warmth and energy, all while being as smooth as ice. Sunrise sets will never be the same."


Even Tuell  [Workshop] : "strong production! it reminds me of something that i already heard...can imagine this to be a summertime outdoor hit on bigger but still nice parties..."


Laurent Garnier : "mortel ..............merciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"


Agoria [Infiné]  :"c'est un excellent reve nocturne que tu nous as fait là. Mille mercis!"


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