Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts

“Breaking The Fourth Wall”

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LabelCircus CompanyCat. No.CCCD007
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Guillaume Coutu Dumont has been unstoppable over the past three years. Since releasing his debut album, Face À L’Est, on Montreal’s Musique Risquée label in 2007, the Montreal-born Berliner has released a steady stream of EPs, remixes and compilation tracks for Circus Company, Musique Risquée, Oslo, Cocoon and many more. He’s also kept up a nonstop touring schedule, wowing crowds the world over with a dynamic live show that never sounds the same twice. Throughout, he’s developed one of the most distinctive styles in contemporary house music—a deep, powerful and original fusion of Afro-Latin percussion, instrumental melodies, soulful vocals, and intricate rhythm programming. Now, with his new album Breaking the Fourth Wall, he takes another big step forward. From dark-and-stormy basement jams to Ethiopian-tinged fantasias, from Afrobeat to ambient house, Breaking the Fourth Wall finds Guillaume venturing far beyond the limits of 4/4 boompty-boompty. He set himself the added challenge of making the album sound as much like the work of a live band as possible. To do so, he availed himself of a close community of musician friends, beginning with dOP, recording in their Paris studio. (In a sign of a true two-way collaboration, they’ll feature their own version of the resulting track, “Can’t Have Everything,” on their next album, re-titled “Assurance Vie.") Dave Aju recorded the vocals for “On the Lips” in his San Francisco studio. Switzerland/Zaire’s Dynamike, whom Guillaume met at the Montreux Jazz Festival, brings an Afro-beat feel to “Radio Novela.” Guillaume’s longtime collaborators Marc-André Charbonneau, Sébastien-Arcand Tourigny and Nicolas Boucher all feature on various tracks, playing guitar, saxophone and Rhodes. Even Guillaume’s brother, the photographer and video artist Gabriel Coutu Dumont, turns up on guitar on “Discothèque.” Together, these and other ferociously talented musicians help translate Guillaume’s musical vision into a living, breathing, collecti

CCCD007 in the media

Feedback: “

Sasha Funke: full of precious little diamonds


Osunlade: i love this album!


Anthony Collins: bombastic !!!!!!! killer !!! so hard to pick a fav , its all good !!


Damian Lazarus: An album from one of my fave people!!! and it all sounds sick on first listen...


Varoslav: looks realy cool album! funky and good productions for sure...i need time tolisten to it full. but already my full support! lovin the vibe 


Radio Slave: big ..big fan ! gonna download and digest tonight ..many thanks, mattx


Robert Dietz: Mindblowing ! I just love it.


Akufen: Come on Guillaume! T'aurais pû te forcer un peu pour faire mieux! ha ha ha! Ça a l'air vraiment cool, je vais prendre le temps de l'écouter plus attentivement.


Ralph Lawson: Absolutely superb. It is very hard to make a really interesting House music album and this is it. Original artistic inclinations find an outlet though latin rhythms, jazz chords and vocals that sound like they have come from the depths of Jamie Principles wardrobe. Delicate light production leaves huge space for sounds to shine. I really think you have something special here......congratulations :)


Reboot: Absolutly amazing!!!!!


Riva Starr: OMG i ve been waiting for this for aaageess! worth the wait! x


De:bug: Review + interveiw to follow


On3-radio- Michael: all over afantastic journey album from one of my fave prod. , top stuff here. Guess play more than half of all tunes at radio , club. Full support. THANKS 


Couleur 3 - Joe: De la bombe vraiment super LP !!!


Luke Solomon: whole album sounds really interesting. Going to live with it for a while.


Dorian Paic: Nice album from one of the coolest dudes around ! Full support


Frank Roger: Great album as sual Guillaume work as his best ! will chill with the album for a moment !


Mixmag - Craig: Hey, have reviewed in the may issue of Mixmag. 4/5. i will send mathais the PDF next week when the issue is due for release.


Vincent Lemieux: Je le connais par couer cet album mais c'est touours de la balle. Crisse de belle pochette aussi!


Will Saul: Such an array of complex and amazing rhythms here. A stunning album.


Deetron: Very nice album, been listening to it over and over again. Standouts for me are "On the lips" "Walking the Pattern" "Radio Novela" and "Décennie".


Cesar Merveille: Love it, great great album!!! thank


Joris Voorn: This sounds very promising. I like the warm organic feel of the tarcks. A true album sound!


Ryan Crosson: Really enjoying this on first listen, very jazzy throughout. Early favorites are Unwelcome & 32 tonnes.


Ernesto Ferreyra: Love it at home, in the car, on a plane, at 3 A.M. in the club or when the eyes cross sides at some sticky summer after hour. The duderino is unstoppable...


2000 & One: Nice melodic groovy album!


Onur Ozer: thanks for the lovely music ! 


Jan Krueger: WOHAAAAA!!!!


D'julz: “quality tunes , as always”


Federico Molinari : “amazing album from Guillaume!”


Giles Smith: “Some nice track and nice to see that guillaume is constantly evolving his sound. Trax that stood out on the first listen include "Mindtrap" and "Helicoptre".”


Jimpster: “I'm in love with this LP. From track 4 onwards it's a sublime, subtle and beautiful journey into organic electronics and i've been listening to it in my car non stop. The sleeve is in the car so dont have it to hand but Track 4 is my fave club cut and looking forward to dropping that at some upcoming gigs.”


Karotte : “great album again from guillaume. love it.”


Mathias Kaden : “just amazing!!!!!!”


Mike Shannon : “Guillaume really delivers a great package here. I've been getting some great play out of "Can't have everything". Some excellent tracks for the party here and yet an interesting listen at home. Excellent.”


Nick Curly : “love it!”


Tobi Neumann : “Masterpiece, fullest support! I really love the music Guillaume made for this Album. Heard it already many times. ”



Jamie Jones (Crosstown Rebels,: “Really digging the dave aju track, very nice..”

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