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LabelUpon YouCat. No.UY032
FormatEXCL12"COrders fromTue, 09 Feb 2010
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We would like to welcome Deep`a and Biri to Upon You Records. These two up and coming young producers from Israel have sent us three Jackin`House tracks, which we know you will enjoy. We’d had an eye on them for a while after hearing their Tracks that they released for Kammer, Trapez and Rotary Cocktail, all the better that they now have another platform for their darker house style. On A1 we have “Barzilay” a track that is dedicated to the club in Tel Aviv where Deep `a is a resident and salutes the vibrant energy of the city. B1 is wilder and more psychedelic; Deep’a & Biri made a gem called “Emergenze” that subtly pushes itself forward then rolls over everything in its path. “Hoya” on B2 keeps the mystical suspense level up where it should be, and adds a bouncier Tom-groove to round things off perfectly. Shalom!

UY032 in the media

Feedback: “

Bloody Mary:  emergence support


Miss Jools:  Feeling the deep vibes on the 'Hova' cut nice


Afrilounge:  Barzilay Groove is nice... will try this one!”


Karotte:  barzilay groove is the one for me.upon you good as always.”


Benno Blome:  hova gefällt mir am besten, werd ich spielen „


Todd Bodine    "Hova" is the one for me here. Nice EP.”


Markus Schatz:  "Hova" is really cool... support!!!”


Radio E-Volution / Tim Jones:  I`ll play Brazilay Groove in my show. Like it!”


Florian Meindl:  “cool release


Shinedoe:  Nice. Barzilay groove will play it out”


AKA AKA:  Barzilay Groove for us. Thanks!”


Axel Bartsch:  barzilay groove is top! pretty unusual for upon you though because of its melodic flavour but i love it.”


Boris Werner:  “I like Hova, cool track


MS Elbe:  deep and soulful. like all tracks. +++++    


Markus Kavka:  „fand deren letzten release auf trapez ltd. schon super. auch das hier ist deep, smart und toll. ´emergence´ spiele ich mit freuden!”


dirty doering:  full support!!    


Oddvar:  like hova, great tune!”


Gus Gus:  “i like it, president   


Martin Landsky:  emergence is a wicked mental journey for the dancefloor...can´t wait to play it out...”


Simon Beeston:  Sweet twisted grooves, will give it a spin for sure.”


Ray Okpara:  “;) hova is my fav. will def play...greetz


Tobi Neumann:  emerge finde ich ganz geil. schön dreckig und leicht progressive.. ich werds heute abend ausprobieren. schöne grüße, tobi


Patrick Bateman:  Very very nice release. deep house as it should be... Great!”


SIS:  Like Emergence & Hova cool tracks

Jona:  “a great record. soulful!”


Butane:  emergence and hova hit me in the right spot.. dope dope dope


Troy Pierce:  really like emergence!!”


Gregor Tresher:  Barzilay Groove for me, will play!”


Mikael Stavöstrand:  Emergence is pretty cool .. but don't really feel this ep ..


3 Channels:  great ep, all the tracks I will play thx


Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N. :  “3 good tracks. "Barzilay Groove", I love sound & vocal.

"Emergence", I like this stuff : hyptonic track. "Hova" tribal & punchy.SUPPORT


Someone Else:  “i don't know how i feel about this one yet. i need more time to listen more to it.”


Paulo Olarte:  tides ding hier!! full support..”


Jens Bond:  wow....three new bombs....will play every track!!! great...thanks a lot...”


Simon Baker:  “I think Hova will suit my sets here. nice deep percussive groover.



JC Freaks:  “Love This EP. All tracks a good. Barzilay Groove is my fav. Will play!”


Osunlade:  perfect for definitely supporting this!!”


M.A.N.D.Y.:  “Support”


Mihai Popoviciu:  “fine tracks as usual from upon you!”


Sierra Sam:  “Great record Many thanks


youANDme:  great record by this upcoming guys!!! love it ;-)”


Dosem:  Hova groove is great ! full support


David August:  „schöne scheibe! barzilay ist mein fav.“


Minilogue (Sebastian):  “Great tracks! Congratulations and all thumbs up!”


Tony Lionni :  “solid EP my favourite being Barzilay Groove

Shlomi Aber :nice ep !”


Brothers Vibe:  Hova is choice - nice vibe…”


Adultnapper:  Barzilay Groove is dope. will get big plays. respect!”


Raul Gayo (BeCool/Soundworks, BCN):  “Good tracks! Hova is my favourite, Thanks!”


Markus Homm:  Emergence is my pick!!”


Mistress Barbara:  really like barzilay groove!”


Pascal Feos:  Hova &Emergence ! Fette Tracks!”


Sian:  sounding very good...nice flow


Basti/ Tiefschwarz:  emergence is a Bomb!”


Butch:  the stuff is good buddy will defintly play it!”

Len Faki:  like the emergence track, dark with a great groove.”


Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “bomb! love it!”

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