Elle P. & Iftah

“Sick Liar, Dop, Ruede Hagelstein Rmxs”

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Creative energy of Berlin, the duo defines its music as “future-retro-avantgarde-electroacoutic-funky-melancholic-harmonical pop” but for their first proper vinyl release as a duo, Souvenir is giving you even more. Now, take the voice of Elle P., a true vocal performer, whose lyrics can flirt as easily with Dadaism as with profound poetry, blend it with the edgy and experimental productions of Iftah, add two groundbreaking remixes by D.O.P. and Rüde Hagelstein, and you will get Souvenir 024. Let´s start with the original version of “Sick Liar", eponymous track of the EP. Even if Elle P. might not be"persuaded to stay", crowing like a deliciously wild diva, Iftah has nonetheless strong arguments to make you dance by swinging between dark electro synth waves and jazzy piano notes. Call it insane funk!Is there a need to introduce D.O.P? Over the last few years, Circus Company´s Paris trio have garnered a lot of attention with their remixes and own productions among the most hard to please beat connaisseurs. Laid down on as the first track of the A-side, D.O.P. restrained with their remix the delightful craziness of the original, but twist it into a hypnotic after-party highlight. The party will definitely go on… On the flipside, the original version of “The Pink Painter” delivers the best of what modern pop music has to offer. Feline and distinguished, the voice of Elle P. reveals its most emotional traits, rightly balanced with the uplifting melodies of Iftah`s synthesiser. What a track!With such outstanding materials and a talented producer of the like of Rüde Hagelstein, things could not have gone wrong. Rüde toys with the voice, tunes up the cinematic and nostalgic elements of the original with a classic but no less unstoppable 4/4 beat, and turns “The Pink Painter” into a perfect stomp.

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