Gadi Mizrahi & Soul Clap

“Joint Custody”

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Double Standard Records, the next chapter for Gadi Mizrahi (founder and one half of the visionary Wolf + Lamb project), is a vinyl only odyssey into revolutionary body-moving music. “Wolf + Lamb is a religion, Double Standard is a cult” Gadi Mizrahi, 2010. Wolf + Lamb is the label, production & DJ partnership and series of events that has lately become the eye of the storm of the underground dance music scene. This year the W+L duo will be taking a break to focus on new adventures and the label will be on hiatus. While Zev (wolf) takes some time in far corners of the world, Gadi Mizrahi (lamb) has been concocting some captivating solo material – check his Spectral Sound and Simple releases out in March – and is proud to announce his own Double Standard Records, a vinyl only imprint exploring new horizons of dancefloor music, pushing forward in quality and pursuing greater attention to detail. The first release comes from Mizrahi and Soul Clap, his close friends (also staples on W+L) from nearby Boston, famed for their divine pop edits. ‘Joint Custody’ houses some solo additions including Gadi’s own ‘So Addicted To You’ with its swirling synths, vocal distortion and erotic feel; Soul Clap’s ‘Funk Sex’ - a sultry bass heavy blend of house music. Plus collaborations between the three artists appear; ‘Yer Body (Kills Me)’ forging an engagingly soft cushion of sound; and ‘Romantic Comedy’ - an edgy funk inspired sibling of the package. The sounds created are genuinely fresh, inspiring and contain an innate warmth. Each release will appear on vinyl only, seeking a more exclusive and attentive audience. “Double Standard Records is my reaction to digital distribution cheapening the feeling of special music,” explains Gadi, “Running a digital label keeps expenses low, but vinyl gives music more value and a longer life. I like to think of Double Standard as twice the standard.” Future releases are already scheduled from Greg Paulus (No Regular Play) and Deniz Kurtel plus Soul

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