“Where Did You Just Go?”

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LabelWagon RepairCat. No.WAG064CD
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“‘Where did you just go?’ is something my girlfriend often says to me when she’s talking to me and I kind of drift off. I’ll be talking to her then just stop all of a sudden. I think the title reflects me and my music well; there’s this idea of going in one direction then suddenly pausing to dream about a completely different place…” The debut album from Hrdvsion, aka Nathan Jonson, takes the listener to a variety places, at least some of which will doubtless be new to many ears. A non-compromising creator of glitch-heavy electronic music for the last decade or so, Hrdvsion has finally matched his esoteric vision to the more formal structures of house, techno and electro/breakbeat. “I did it to make the girls dance!” he laughs. “Actually it’s a kind of bridging point. The production, the way it’s mixed, is similar to my older stuff as I’ve always liked loud and punchy music. In general this album is a bit subtler. I focused on letting ideas evolve more slowly and let the grooves go on for longer. I realised I liked making techno! But it’s still fairly challenging I think.” Jonson’s prior releases on labels like Itiswhatitis and the upcoming Wagon Repair (run by his brother, Cobblestone Jazz’s Mathew Jonson) are known for their scattered Squarepusher-esque energy, their bleep-drenched melodies and sense of twisted urgency. Where did you just go? retains these circuit-busting tendencies yet aims more directly for the dancefloor. Opening track “842 Colours” blends off kilter beats with Hrdvsion’s trademark skittish sounds, while cuts like “Captivated Heart", “City Girls", “Closed Eyes” and “Making It Home” cultivate and simultaneously subvert ‘traditional’ house and breakbeat riddims via buzzing synths and serrated melodies. The deep and resonant “Cause I Love You” (influenced by the DJ sets of his friends and fellow Berlin residents Dirt Crew) are, he admits, among the “softest I’ve ever written". “I think I’m coming to terms with the fact I don’t have to fight a

WAG064CD in the media

Feedback: “

Luke Solomon - Favourite Track: Captivated Heart, killer, really out there, but love it


james mountain - Favourite Track: City Girls, YESYES!


Perc - Favourite Track: Captivated Heart, Captivated Heart and Cause I Love You Are

Ace. Will play tonight!


Tsugi - Favourite Track: Captivated Heart, nice EP, nice album, nice Jonson


Michael Leuffen - Favourite Track: Closed Eyes, Nice electronic msuic that does'nt chum up!


Erol Alkan - Favourite Track: Captivated Heart , really like captivated heart. will play in my 7

hour set tomorrow!


John Tejada - Favourite Track: Closed Eyes, all songs are very cool. can't wait to hear

the whole thing. thanks!


electric zoo goa/india - Favourite Track: Orange juice, spooky the style!!


Gregor Tresher - Favourite Track: Cause I Love You, Wow, "Cause I Love You" sounds

absolutely amazing!!!!!!!! Will chart in April. "Closed Eyes" very cool as well.


Matt Densham - Favourite Track: Captivated Heart, feelin the live drum sounds on captivated

Heart : good 'n' wonky City Girls is a loopin good time Cause I love you. very big.


Gareth - avourite Track: City Girls, wow!


Louise Kattenhorn BBC - Love it. Will put forward for Rob da Bank's show on Radio 1


Martyn - Great EP! im definitely going to catch this on vinyl.. fav tracks are a2,a3 and b1 !

thank you very much -m

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