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There’s something sinister brewing near the town of Marseilles, France that has caused many locals to take notice. A clever mind has been patiently influencing the cities subterranean club scene with a sound that blends the playfulness of total insanity and exceptional melodies only made possible by the influence of the cool calming waters that are the Mediterranean Sea. This mind belongs to Julian Jeweil, an artist with a sound made fittingly for the Plus 8 family. Julian Jeweil’s “Babou” features four diverse and remarkably unique tracks covering the many facets of modern electronic music. Each track produced with perfect floor rocking sensibilities and an apparent focus on bringing unique perspectives and pushing the limits of clever music making. Title cut, Babou, is nothing short of absolute peak time intensity. A blistering synth hook dominates the track while a steady bass surge and pounding groove ride perfectly alongside. Julian Jeweil clearly understands how to create tension, as Babou does just that from the first kick drum to the final hi hat. Opening is a playful little ditty, which bounces up and down while a growing musical moment sneaks in and out of the track, gaining momentum as the beats continue. As you get deeper into it, the melodies become the focus, adding a clever sense of euphoria amidst the gritty funk. Tournicoti is clearly the most aggressive of the bunch. A forceful rolling analogue bassline pushes things along while detuned sounds grow more and more apparent. As the track continues, the unsettling tones grow larger and larger, taking the listener deeper and deeper into sonic dementia. Some truly twisted music which we can’t get enough of. Finally, Soda brings us back to a safer place, and rounds out the package perfectly. This steady tech house cut is full of cleverly arranged vocal snippets and completely unexpected surprises around each and every corner. One of the toughest buzzing bass surges to hit Plus 8 history kicks off mid-

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