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Man/Machine: Vienna’s Elektro Guzzi challenge the meaning of “live” in electronic music. Bored of laptop sets? With a “classic” setup of guitar, bass and drums Elektro Guzzi quantize themselves to an unheard level of discipline, tightness and danceability. No computers, no pre-recorded loops, no solos. Probably the first time techno is really played live. As sequential as they may sound, they couldn’t be more analogue. But however traditional they may look as a band, they certainly do not sound like one. The quest for the ultimate live presentation of Techno has come to an end. Produced by Patrick Pulsinger (Hercules & Love Affair, M-Plant, Cheap), the album is a masterstroke resulting in great dancefloor movers, state of the art analogue recordings and a prime showcase of Elektro Guzzi’s incredible creative capabilities. Played live with no overdubs, this record breaks down the demarcation line separating man and machine. Everything in techno has been done? You ain’t heard nothing yet. !!! Elektro Guzzi LIVE at Sónar (Barcelona), Berghain (Berlin), Fabric (London), Trouw (Amsterdam), Spring Festival (Graz), Flex (Vienna), Rote Sonne (Munich), Mellow festival (Sofia) and maaaany more.

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James Holden (Border Community) BRILLIANT. I really like it, just what everyone needed.


JD Twitch (Optimo) I love it, particularly "Hexenschuss"! Will request for our Fabric mix CD.


Ivan Smagghe (Kill the DJ) You know I am not a man of many compliments but this is genuinely great... very original, which is rare these days...had to be said. Looking forward to this. And would love to see the live.


Tim Goldsworthy (DFA) Awesome!


Laurent Garnier (FCom) Hexenschuss - Looove this track - will hammer it everywhere- GREAT TRIPPY LP!


Efdemin (Dial) I'm deeply impressed. Sound and texture of the pieces are incredible - I just feel sorry for the drummer and his workload. He's doing such a great job though! Marvellous.


Damian Lazarus (Crosstown Rebels) Wicked!! Love this.


Alex Attias (Planet E) Beautiful work. Top class release. Original and fresh. I’m totally into this.


Motor City Drum Ensemble (MCDE) Man hört sofort, dass das Macro ist. Well Done! Respekt dafür, Dinge einfach anders zu machen als der Rest. Wird gespielt.


Cio D’Or (Prologue) A full shot in the direction that I am looking for! Amazing sounds, well produced, very creative, fresh & futuristique! Futuristic and great album


Sian (SCI+TEC, Pokerflat) Superb creativity from the Macro stable!


C-Rock (Cocoon Club) Cooles Zeugs!


Nico de Ceglia (BBC Radio 1) I love it!!!! Didn't know about these guys, thanks for making me discover them.


Sian (Pokerflat) Super interesting stuff!


Benna (Harry Klein) Psychedelisch und angsteinflössend. Geiler Scheiss. Ziemlich druggy – Ich mag es.


Riley Reinhold (Traum, Trapez) Phänomenal gut!


Tama Sumo (Berghain / Ostgut Ton): Like the variety of the record a lot!


Jorge Socarras (Catholic) Listening and enjoying Elektro Guzzi - excellent! Beautifully rendered and rather cinematic. I've been so aware lately how awful most Hollywood soundtracks are. “Daybreakersis pretty bad, but is made so much worse by the music. The funny thing is that Elektro Guzzi would've made a perfect soundtrack for it - futuristic, dark, suspenseful, quirky (not to mention danceable!).


Dan Curtin (Metamorphic) Very interesting and refreshing sound! 


John Selway (CSM) Elastic Bulb is great!  Really gets in my head... and I'm very impressed it's a band.


iamelectron (Mighty Robot Rec) Elektro Guzzi sound amazing!!! I'm blown away. It looks like Macro is about to release yet another amazing LP. Well done! I must see these guys live. Yip - I think I've just found my new favourite band!!!

Alex from Tokyo (Innervisions) This is a great EP! Sonically it is my shit. I love it. Very interesting. Especially the A side track. We met in Tokyo last year. Their live show rocks! Keep pushing it!


Philip Marshall (Rebels in Control) These are utterly special tracks. Really smart. Their acoustic nature gives them so much s p a c e ; You can hear the room. I love thatHow much production is done here, I wonder? It sounds quite dry in a way. Amazing lock to the groove. Are they this tight live? I NEED to hear this live. Quite seriously, blown away by these two tracks. Simply fantastic. Am I OK to pass this onto Jon Wozencroft of Touch? He'd go wild for this. Blimeyimpressed. "Tight as a gnats chuff," as we say over here.


Oliver Ho (Raudive/Macro) Really great stuff, I love the quality of the sounds, and the minimalism of the instruments. I think the improvised nature of this really works, too. I am listening to a lot of stuff like this, lots of New York stuff, and Krautrock, too. I look forward to the album!


Falko Brocksieper (Sub Static) This has a stronger techno feel than tons of commonly produced techno. Will try (!) to mix & looking forward to the album!


Mathias Schaffhäuser (Ware) Great record! Will add it to my charts.


Gareth Owen (Electronic Beats) Totally sick....... :)


Paul Frick (Brandt Brauer Frick) Klingt unheimlich gut!! „Loq Pol“ packt mich spontan am meisten. Wie die Gitarre auf einer langen Strecke immer lauter wird ist grandios! Ich freu mich enorm, die bald live zu hören!


Ingo Sänger (Farside) Macro funky tech-soul! Ein echt tolles Release. Man spürt das Live-Arrangement, dennoch bleiben beide Tunes dabei absolut clubby…. so ein Vorhaben funktioniert nicht immer, hier dafür umso besser! Sind direkt in der „Kiste“.


Serge Verschuur (Clone) Nice release! We'll push it for our store!


Ralph Christoph (c/o pop) I like! Klingt wie jetztzeitige Variante von Liquid Liquid, vor allem »Hexenschuss«... Toller Tracktitel, übrigens.


Vincent Lemieux (Mutek/Musique Risqueé) Really great. long evolving tracks that have a rich organic feel to it. Really great band.




THE WIRE (UK) - When Jaki Liebezeit, a free jazz drummer, joined Can in the late 1960s, he desired to damp down the unpruned 'expressiveness' of that genre and turn himself into a machine. 40 years later, that's what the three Austrian members of Elektro Guzzi have done, too. They're a traditional rock trio who've been active since 2004, but this Patrick Pulsinger-produced album is their first recording. It's taken five years of hard labour to blanch their music of ego: three minds, 12 limbs, one singleminded, sentient being.

The pace of these ten tracks is relentless, creaming forwards with the urgency of a Techno track by Robert Hood or Jeff Mills. Bernhard Breuer on drums is the dominant presence: a quantized human with a robotic kickdrum foot and a nice array of shakers, cowbells and cymbal-chains. Bernhard Hammer's guitar provides the main textural embellishment, usually dry, making liberal use of delay and reverb chamber, and possibly using sticks and beaters. Jakob Schneidewind's bass discreetly applies pressure to the pulse with a series of modulating gloops. "Hexenschuss" kicks off at a racketing pace; "Black Egg" rides on a stomping pulse that recalls Porter Ricks. "Loq Pol" gears down to a loping dub mode. "Ludium" is pure sweet, throbbing punishment - imagine Nitzer Ebb on Perlon.

Grooves are built up bar by bar, ratcheting up to micro-events with each return to the one. Occasionally, the rhythmic complexity reaches staggering levels of layered syncopation, yet the blurb insists the entire album is recorded live in real time, with no added electronics, loops or overdubs. It sounds like a digital electronica record, but strangely you start thinking about all the things you don't consider when listening to programmed, sequenced music: marvelling at human stamina, straining to hear any kind of imperfection. None is forthcoming. I applaud its sheer cyborg bravura.

Electronic Beats (D): Three geeky looking guys and bass lines so fat, they practically jump out the speakers, grab you by the throat and demand you move your hips.


De:Bug (D) Album of the month!


Groove (D) Von einer Wiener „Techno-Tanzband“ mag man so allerhand erwarten. Mächtig konzentrierte Gitarre-Bass-Schlagzeug-Grooves, wie sie das Trio Elektro Guzzi auf seinem Debüt versammelt, sind vermutlich trotzdem nicht das erste, woran man bei „handgemachtem Techno“ denkt. Wie eine nochmals kräftig abgespeckte Version von Liquid Liquid kommen die drei Musiker daher, deren Stücke im Club durch ihren Klang sofort aus jedem Mix herausstechen, die in Sachen Präzision und Rumms mit der programmierten Konkurrenz aber locker Schritt halten können. Patrick Pulsinger half der Truppe bei der Produktion, ohne sich durch vordergründige elektronische Effekte im homogenen Erscheinungsbild von Elektro Guzzi erkennen zu geben. Mal ganz minimaler Frickelfunk, mal schroffe Flächenmalerei über stoischem Beat, liefern Elektro Guzzi eine überzeugende Argumentationsgrundlage für Clubmusik, die auch ohne Rechnerleistung ihren Dienst tut. An mancher Stelle wünscht man sich vielleicht noch den einen oder anderen Farbton hinzu, doch ansonsten haben die Wiener reichlich schöne Ideen, wie man einen Club rockt. Und das tun sie.

Falter Magazin (AT): „Einer der besten Techno-Live-Acts Europas.“


Fantastikoi Hxoi (GR): Great textures and rhythm. These guys are up to something very good, I suspect. Can't wait for the album.


Laif Magazine (PL):  Austriackie trio zamazuje granicę pomiędzy muzyką elektroniczną, a muzyką na żywo. 

Little White Earbuds (USA): Like a Pipecock rant taken to ultra-extremes, Elektro Guzzi proves that analog really might have more to offer than your average bedroom producersones and zeros.

Mannheimer Morgen (D): Die Band Elektro Guzzi aus Wien ist der Nachfahre der musikalischen Sound-Ingenieure vom Schlage eines Sun Ra.


Manu Gonzalez (Go Mag) I love the album of Elektro Guzzi!


Martin Hossbach (SPEX) Tolles Album habt Ihr da produziert!


Nigel Wrench (BBC Radio 4) Thank you for the Elektro Guzzi cd! It's the soundtrack of my new flat in Brighton.


ORF (AT): “Die Techno-Kaiser Elektro Guzzi entpuppen sich als Improvisationsspezialisten.“


Raveline (D): 6/6


Richard Carnes (Resident Advisor) Imagine if Can reformed, got into dubstep and techno, and made an album. This is the sound of Elektro Guzzi: deep, dark, hypnotic tribal rhythms to get lost in. Fans of both Shackleton and Mordant Music should especially take note, but Elektro Guzzi's style is most certainly one of their own.


Roual Galloway (Faith Mag) Elastic Bulb is a killer track.


SKUG (AT): Es geht um Musik, die das Mehr in sich, hörbar auf der Oberfläche transportiert. Und es geht um eine Band, die Musik, anstatt sich selber produziert.


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