Der Dritte Raum

“Rosa Rausch”

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Believe it or not - summer has finally come. So what could be nicer than some audio delicatessen, produced to become the perfect companions for this season? Sun shining in your face, groove rolling through your hips: that must have been Andreas Krüger‘s vision of the upcoming months. So how come the calender and the leaves on the street are presenting us with a completly different truth? It seems like Der Dritte Raum wants to shed some light onto these endless weeks of cold and darkness - and really, sunny thoughts and warm feelings find their way into our hearts and minds. Pounding and hissing like a steam engine, “Rosa Rausch“ gains momentum and soon we realize where this train is going. Out of the city and into the country, wherever the wind may take us. Being in the here and now: in the green tunnel of a boulevard, on a field, by the sea. Krüger‘s beats jingle cheerfully, like icecubes in a longdrink. His synthies buzz away happily. A track like a day on the beach. And instead of making us depressed in these March days, it really feels like a quick escape into summer. On “Gegentakt“, we are taking the Autobahn right back into the midst of autumn. At dusk, sounds befall us, reminding us that the darkness also has its charme. We are ready for the weekend and the irresistible call of the night: let‘s go out!

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